CFN SEC Preview 2020: Top Players, Games, Thoughts On Each Team

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CFN SEC Preview 2020: Top Players, Games, Thoughts On Each Team


CFN SEC Preview 2020: Top Players, Games, Thoughts On Each Team


The 2020 SEC Preview with the top players, biggest games, most important transfers, and thoughts on each team.

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5. SEC 2020 Preview

Quick Note: Like everyone, we’re still waiting to see what’s going to happen in this unprecedented time of college football turmoil. We’re not completely delusional, but let’s have a little fun with what might happen if the season is safely played … somehow.

It took a nightmare to get here, but to set the dial to fun for a moment, football-wise, isn’t the SEC getting its dream world of an all-SEC world?

All SEC football games. All the time.

Don’t get too into this because it’s probably never happening again unless the conference has to keep everything in-house, but there’s no fluff, no waste, and every game will take on an even greater intensity than normal. And why?

There’s no Eastern Illinois, East Tennessee State, Alcorn State or UT Martin to fatten up the win totals.

Quick, off of the top of your head. How many SEC teams had a winning conference record in 2019?


Seven SEC programs had losing conference records and Texas A&M went 4-4. So no, the league isn’t getting rid of non-conference games for good – the mid-range teams need the fluff in this killer league to get to 6-6 overall – and soon the longtime rivalry dates with the ACC at several places will come back.

But for one year with no Big Ten or Pac-12 in the mix, this becomes even more interesting than just watching SEC teams beat up on each other. For many, it’s going to be a fight for survival to not go 4-6.

And then there’s the top of the SEC chain. If you want two or even three SEC teams in the College Football Playoff, this is the season.

The formula will probably still hold – win your Power Five conference title with one loss or fewer, and you’re in – but there are only three P5 leagues playing. There might be a bone thrown to an unbeaten Group of Five champion, but don’t count on it.

Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Florida are all top-five worthy teams – especially with no Ohio State, Penn State and Oregon in the rankings – coming into the season, and Auburn and Texas A&M are good enough to battle hard in the SEC West race.

The idea of bowl games is still murky, but Kentucky is strong enough to get to at least 5-5, and Tennessee and South Carolina had better get there.

We get two of the more – to understate it – interesting coaches in college football entering the fun in Mike Leach at Mississippi State and Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss, and Eliah Drinkwitz is a rising star that Missouri got early in his career.

Four new head coaches, at least five true national title contenders, and fans at close to half of the league’s schools hoping for an SEC title, with or without the realistic expectations.

In other words, it’s business as usual for the SEC.

CFN SEC Preview 
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