SEC Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter

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SEC Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


SEC Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


1. This … is … awesome

Oh, do we deserve this.

Again, with the caveat that everyone stays healthy and fine, after all we’ve been through, and considering all of the college football we’re going to be missing, how great is a ten-game all-SEC schedule?

Don’t get used to it, though, for the reasons detailed before – the mid-level teams need their cupcake wins to have a stronger winning record to make everyone happy.

For one season, though, this is going to be non-stop, wall-to-wall SEC with titanic matchups every week – at least after Week 1.

The opening weekend is a tad soft – Mississippi State at LSU is likely the best game of the bunch – then this gets insane.

With the Big Ten and Pac-12 out of the picture, there will be some good-looking ACC and Big 12 showdowns, but the SEC is going to own October and November Saturdays.

Originally, Alabama was supposed to play UT Martin on November 14th. Now it plays LSU.

Tennessee was supposed to play Troy on November 21. Now it gets Auburn.

Mississippi State was originally going to play Alabama A&M on the 21st. Now it gets Georgia, and Ole Miss replaces UConn with Auburn on October 24th.

Hopefully we’re not going to get this all yoinked away from us.

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