College Football News Preview 2020: Missouri Tigers

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College Football News Preview 2020: Missouri Tigers


College Football News Preview 2020: Missouri Tigers


1. College Football News Preview 2020: Missouri Tigers Win Total Prediction, What Will Happen

Where’s the talent?

Missouri has carved out an okay niche as a decent program that’s able to beat the mediocre teams after going to back-to-back SEC Championships – and coming within a win over Auburn of going to the BCS Championship in 2013 – but things have changed.

The SEC East might be the easier of the two divisions, but Florida has turned into a thing again, and Georgia has grown into a superpower. Missouri has been okay, but it hasn’t had enough of the top stars needed to be a true SEC player – just eight six players were drafted over the last four years – and there’s been a big, big issue against the good teams.

Over the last three years, Missouri is 2-16 against FBS teams that finished with a winning record, and is 19-1 against teams that finished at .500 or worse and FCS programs.

It’s nice to beat the teams you’re supposed to, but can new head coach Eliah Drinkwitz push the program forward in a league where being in the top 20 in the recruiting rankings isn’t close to being good enough?

This year’s team has experience, but it’s going to be about consistency, health, and having something to play for now that bowl eligibility is a possibility again.

Drinkwitz is a bright young head coach who might be able to do for Mizzou what Scott Satterfield did for Louisville after leaving Appalachian State to be a recharge of a program’s battery, but as the numbers bear out, for now, it’s all about how good the schedule is.

And it stinks that Mizzou loses its non-conference games, so …

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Let’s start by assuming that Drinkwitz and the new staff are good for one close win, but where are the sure victories?

Vanderbilt has to be one, Arkansas has to be another, and … ?

Kentucky? At South Carolina? Again, the Tigers will get one, but it’ll be a major fight to get to four wins, much less push for a winning season.

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