College Football News Preview 2020: Auburn Tigers

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College Football News Preview 2020: Auburn Tigers


College Football News Preview 2020: Auburn Tigers


4. College Football News Preview 2020: Auburn Tigers Defense 3 Things To Know

The defense of last year has to be graded on a bit of a curve. It was seventh in the SEC overall and sixth in scoring D, but it was 28th in the nation in both categories. It should’ve generated more of a pass rush considering the NFL talent up front, but overall it was more than good enough by most reasonable standards.

But now the defensive front has to do a little bit of reloading, all while trying to improve. It’s Auburn – the defensive tackles will rise up – but not having Derrick Brown around will be a problem.

Tyrone Truesdell is back as a big body on the inside, but it’s going to take a village to work in around him. JUCO transfers Marquis Burks and Dre Butler will help the depth, and there are plenty of options, but again, not having Brown around anymore hurts.

Big Kat Bryant is the veteran who’ll work on the outside in some hybrid sort of way, and Caleb Johnson is a good-looking sophomore, but leading pass rusher Marlon Davidson is gone.

The line will end up being more than fine. The secondary that loses four starters might need a wee bit more work. Junior S Christian Tutt is a fantastic return man who came up with 32 tackles with two picks, but he needs help around him.

Noah Igbinoghene is now a Miami Dolphin, and fellow corner Javaris Davis is gone from the other side. However, junior Roger McCreary is back after making 36 tackles last season and should be the No. 1 corner, and Jamien Sherwood should one of the team’s leading tacklers with a bigger role at one of the safety gigs.

KJ Britt isn’t going to be the flashiest of linebackers, but he’s an all-star who’ll be one of the team’s leading tacklers again as a premier run stopper on the inside. He’ll be the steady star of the D, but sophomore Owen Pappoe has the upside to be a stat-sheet filler in the linebacking corps who could end up living behind the line.

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