College Football Key Questions: Can A Spring Football Season Happen?

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College Football Key Questions: Can A Spring Football Season Happen?

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College Football Key Questions: Can A Spring Football Season Happen?



Triple whatever.

I’ve got this.

I grew up in Minneapolis, now live in Chicago, and spent my entire life stupidly living in cold places.

I’ve lived through -40. I’ve lived through a gajillion feet of snow. I lived for a time in a bedroom in Minnesota with no heat. That was nothing.

The two coldest moments in my entire life were 2) in Evanston for a Northwestern game – when I went in shorts on a 66-degree day that turned to rain and 40 by the second quarter – and 1) a Michigan State game in East Lansing – when the weather was supposed to be in the mid-50s, but turned into 33 with a delightful rain/sleet mixture. That was the only time in my life I smoked a regular cigarette, thinking anything associated with fire might warm me up.

The weather isn’t exactly Cancun for many schools in November.

Oh yeah, and they’re football players. They’ll be fine no matter what the weather is.

Besides, not everyone is dumb enough to live six months of the year in a refrigerator. It’s sort of nice in Tucson and Palo Alto in March.

Will someone please think of the children?

This one has merit.

How can you possibly stop a fall season because you’re worried about everyone’s safety and then ask football players to potentially play two seasons in ten months?

Here’s your chance, player movement.

No more of this #WeWantToPlay hoo-ha that gives everyone warm fuzzies but kneecaps your leverage. You want the major college football business people to have you play – let’s be honest here – at least 20 games in ten months? Fine …

Demands deserve to be met, and it all starts with the players “bill of rights” being discussed by members of Congress. It has to be implemented in some way so the needs, health and safety of the players are in the hands of a group that fully represents them.

The schedule would have to be spaced out, and there would need to be a delay to the 2021 season to allow for as much rest as possible. Conferences would also have to create a significant enough spring campaign to make it something more than a gimmick. So …

How many games do you play?

Again, assuming there’s an actual plan to play around the virus, the season should be January 15thish through early April with ten games spread out.

Eight games won’t feel like a real season, but ten over 14 weeks could work …

And it’ll probably be eight games.

The idea of bowls in the spring gets blown off, but you have a regular College Football Playoff that’s moved from mid-January of 2021 to early May.

Again, everything that was planned for 2020 fall gets moved a few months down the road. The spring season has to have legitimacy, otherwise it just looks like a naked money grab, which it is, but …

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