Big Ten Reportedly To Cancel Fall Season. But Will It?

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Big Ten Reportedly To Cancel Fall Season. But Will It?

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Big Ten Reportedly To Cancel Fall Season. But Will It?


The Big Ten is reportedly going to cancel its 2020 football season due to concerns over the coronavirus. What’s next for college football?

The Big Ten is reportedly going to do it. It’s going to cancel its 2020 college football season … maybe.

UPDATE: Reports have come through all day about the Big Ten cancelling the fall football season (below), but there’s been a groundswell of activity to suggest otherwise, including …

It was rumored to happen for the last few weeks, and now it actually might be happening. Early on Monday, the Big Ten was reportedly going to college football for the 2020 fall.

And then, a few hours later, there was this … 

The details of what’s next are still sketchy if the Big Ten does cancel, but commissioner Kevin Warren has been hinting at the idea of a spring football season. Forgetting that it would mean two college football seasons in ten months, and that college football in Minneapolis and Madison would be delightful in February, there aren’t any details yet on how that might work.

This all started rolling over the weekend with reports of a meeting among conference presidents about the viability of a college football season, and then Monday morning the Dan Patrick Show went with the story that the Big Ten was going to shut things down.

In the end, it was just too much. The Big Ten types have been hinting from the start that they didn’t believe they could safely make it all work. There were liability concerns, player safety issues, the lack of revenue from no fans in the stands, and then when it finally came time to practice and get it all going, the college presidents couldn’t make it work.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the player movement side of things. Squashing the demands and the voices of players isn’t a bad thing for those who run the higher-levels of college athletics.

The Big Ten just gave the whole #WeWantToPlay movement one giant, “bless your heart.”

And now, very predictably, college football gets politicized. What could possibly go wrong?

So NOW what? 

The conventional thinking is that the Pac-12 is next. The thought was that the Pac-12 would be first, but the Big Ten cancelling things makes it even easier. However …

Don’t be totally certain that everyone else folds. The SEC is still wavering, and the Big 12 and ACC don’t appear to be so sure on its immediate future.

Army and Middle Tennessee announced their game on Monday morning. Remember, everyone is sort of acting independently.

But for now, the story is the Big Ten. There’s no Big Ten season, and not everyone is happy about it.

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