CFN ACC Preview 2020: Top Players, Games, Thoughts On Each Team

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CFN ACC Preview 2020: Top Players, Games, Thoughts On Each Team


CFN ACC Preview 2020: Top Players, Games, Thoughts On Each Team


The 2020 ACC Preview with the top players, biggest games, most important transfers, and thoughts on each team.

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5. ACC 2020 Preview

The ACC puffed its chest out after the 2016 season, and rightly so.

Clemson had won the national title, Florida State and Louisville were rolling,  Miami was back, Virginia Tech was great, Georgia Tech won nine games, and 11 of the 14 programs won seven games or more. But just as the ACC was starting to feel it, it all started to slip.

Clemson was still Clemson, and the conference was still okay, but it wasn’t dominant league many thought it could be. There wasn’t that push past the Big Ten to challenge the SEC for college football supremacy.

This year might just change all of that.

No, the ACC won’t be as deep or as talented as the SEC, and no, it doesn’t have as many high-end powers as the Big Ten, but it also doesn’t have a Rutgers.

And it has a Notre Dame.

CFN ACC Preview 
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Clemson is obvious star, but the league needs a No. 2. The SEC has several of those teams in the mix for whatever the No. 1 is in a given year, and Penn State, Wisconsin, and to a certain extent, Michigan, are there to be Ohio State’s Robin.

With Florida State down over the last few years – and with Miami, Virginia Tech and others being okay, but not killers – the league has been missing the overall oomph.

That just changed.

With Notre Dame a part of the ACC Championship mix this year, there’s the No. 2 team. There’s the real challenger to at least push Clemson, and best of all, there are more able to really and truly make things interesting.

Duke, Syracuse, Georgia Tech and Boston College are all just okay – to be nice – but it wouldn’t be in any way stunning if any of them were able to beat a Pitt, or Virginia, or North Carolina, etc. All 15 teams are at the very least interesting, if not solid.

It’s going to be a weekly battle with crazy twist after crazy twist on the way to coming up with the top two teams out of the 15 to play for the title, and best of all, it’s all going to be played at the high level we hopes was coming a few years ago.

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