Pac-12 Conference Only Football Schedule. 5 Things To Know

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Pac-12 Conference Only Football Schedule. 5 Things To Know


Pac-12 Conference Only Football Schedule. 5 Things To Know


The Pac-12 will move to a Pac-12-only conference schedule this fall. Here are 5 things to know including the lost games we’ll miss the most, and what’s about to happen.

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Pac-12 to go with a conference-only schedule. 5 Things To Know.

The Pac-12 announced that it’s about to follow the Big Ten’s lead and go with a conference-only schedule.

What are the five big things that matter?

5. It’s probably going to be a ten game Pac-12 season … maybe

4. The Big Loser Is …
3. Ranking The Lost Non-Conference Games
2. Every Pac-12 Team’s Missing Pac-12 Games
1. Pac-12 Schedule: What Will Happen?

It would make the most sense in terms of competitive balance if it’s an 11-game all-Pac-12 schedule – everyone plays everyone.

At the moment, UCLA and Utah both miss Oregon. In an 11-game schedule, no big whoop since the Bruins and Utes would play the loaded Ducks just like everyone else win, but in a ten-game slate, one of those two would catch a massive break.

After doing some digging, friend of the program @MichaelJLev – football reporter for the Arizona Daily Star – thinks the odds-on favorite model will be ten games, mostly for the same reason that the Big Ten will go with it – flexibility.

The idea might be to go two games on, one off, to allow as much rest and as many options to move things around as possible.

And here’s where it gets quirky.

ESPN reported that the Pac-12 would be thinking about delaying the start of the season to buy more time for USC and UCLA, because the Los Angeles area is such a hot spot.

So then what? Start in October? A ten-game season might be pushed well into December, and then what happens to the College Football Playoff rankings and the bowl games? Would a backloaded schedule be packed together, or could it be spread out over 14 weeks or so by starting in September?

Let’s just say it’s a fluid situation.

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