20 Potentially Awesome College Football Games If There's A Conference Only Schedule

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20 Potentially Awesome College Football Games If There's A Conference Only Schedule

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20 Potentially Awesome College Football Games If There's A Conference Only Schedule


5. Penn State vs. Wisconsin

The Nittany Lions have owned the Badgers lately, winning four straight going back to the 45-7 Bucky win way back in 2011. Considering Wisconsin doesn’t currently have Ohio State on the schedule, and Penn State gets the Buckeyes in Happy Valley, this might be a preview of the Big Ten Championship.

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4. Oregon vs. Utah

Of course the two best teams in the Pac-12 – at least last year – have to play again. If nothing else, the Utes might finally be awake after getting rolled 37-15 in the Pac-12 Championship.

USC and Washington might have something to say about it, and Stanford could throw its hat into the ring if it bounces back to form, but the Pac-12 has to figure out how to get these two together again to create a showdown worthy of national attention.

3. Alabama vs. Florida

It seems like these two should’ve met more in recent years, but the last time they played in the regular season – Bama won the 2015 and 2016 SEC Championships – was 2014.

Ever since losing in an epic 2008 SEC Championship to Urban and Tebow, Nick Saban has won six in a row against the Gators. As is this might be the SEC Championship, but good luck with the politics to get this rolling with Bama already having to face Georgia and the Gators getting their annual date with LSU.

2. Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

The Big Ten teams are currently scheduled to play nine conference games. The league will likely play ten at most, if it doesn’t change things to an eight-game campaign.

Wisconsin misses Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State and Rutgers. It’s not going to be pleased if it gets to deal with the Ohio State monster again.

The Buckeyes have won eight straight going back to 2010 – including three Big Ten Championships – but it would still be one of the biggest matchups of the conference season.

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1. Georgia vs. LSU

LSU already has to go to Florida – it would be super-happy to get Georgia on the slate instead of Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee or Vanderbilt from the East.

Georgia already has to go to Alabama – it would be super-happy to get LSU on the slate instead of Arkansas, Ole Miss or Mississippi State from the West.

The 2019 SEC Championship wasn’t a blast – a 37-10 LSU win – but this would be a blast as one of the biggest resumé games for the College Football Playoff types to watch.

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