College Football News Preview 2020: Rutgers Scarlet Knights

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College Football News Preview 2020: Rutgers Scarlet Knights


College Football News Preview 2020: Rutgers Scarlet Knights


1. College Football News Preview 2020: Rutgers Scarlet Knights Win Total Prediction, What Will Happen

CFN in 60 Video: Rutgers Scarlet Knights Preview

The guy did it once before, but things are just a weeeeeeee bit different now.

Greg Schiano pushed through two brutal seasons going 3-20 overall and winless in Big East play when he took over Rutgers in 2001, and after four years things finally turned around.

As insane as it might seem now, the 2006 Rutgers Scarlet Knights were knee-deep in the national championship hunt in late November. It didn’t happen – losses to Cincinnati and West Virginia ruined the fun – but Schiano took the program to six bowl games in seven seasons, won five of them.

However, winning in the Big East back then against the likes of UConn, USF, Syracuse, West Virginia and Pitt wasn’t like having to deal with the 2020 Big Ten East.

But no one is expecting miracles this time around. The goal here is merely to make the college football team not so totally and completely miserable.

For all he has done, Schiano is just 54, he’ll get a ton of time to try building this thing up, and he’s got the recruiting and resumé chops to make it happen.


Set The Rutgers Scarlet Knights Regular Season Win Total At … 3

Bet at BetMGM Win Total Line: 2.5

Rutgers was able to beat UMass and Liberty last year – and it wasn’t remotely close to anyone else, with the best loss coming to Boston College by 14.

Over the last four seasons, the program has suffered through 31 losses by ten points or more. There will be more this season, but there should also be a nice pivot forward considering all the experience returning and all the young parts that saw meaningful time under former head man Chris Ash.

Rutgers will beat Monmouth. There. That’s a win to open up the season. After that, good luck, but there should be an upset or two along the way.

There’s enough experience in place to perhaps get by Temple, and Syracuse, Illinois, Maryland and Purdue are all gettable. After winning two games in two of the last four seasons, and one game in another, getting to three wins would be a good start.

Being merely competitive in more games would be better.

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