College Football News Preview 2020: Mississippi State Bulldogs

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College Football News Preview 2020: Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State

College Football News Preview 2020: Mississippi State Bulldogs


1. College Football News Preview 2020: Mississippi State Bulldogs Win Total Prediction, What Will Happen

CFN in 60 Video: Mississippi State Bulldogs Preview

There are two ways to look at the hiring of Mike Leach.

On the one side, the guy has never won anything.

In 18 years as an FBS head coach at Texas Tech and Washington State, he has as many conference championships as you do.

He has never coached a team in a conference title game, has just one top ten finish, just two double-digit win seasons, and for all the flash and fun, there isn’t even an outright division title.

And then there’s the flip side – he has never come close to having as much talent to coach as he has now at Mississippi State.

Nah, Leach and MSU aren’t going take over the SEC West and start winning conference championships – at least not right away – but there’s reason for the big boys to freak out.

Basically, Mississippi State is now going to be a problem to deal with. Even if the championship runs aren’t there, this is going to be a team that can pull off a win against anyone because the system is so dangerous.

Here comes the grand experiment that was worth wondering about when the Tennessee job became open a few years ago. What’s going to happen when the system matches up with a team full of top-shelf recruits on the lines?

Set The Mississippi State Bulldogs Regular Season Win Total At … 7

Bet at BetMGM Win Total Line: 6.5

Good luck figuring out how quickly this will all come together, but assume the Bulldogs will be stronger after a 6-7 season.

On the defensive side, the line should be a whole lot better, the secondary is more experienced, and having Erroll Thompson around in the linebacking corps is a big deal.

There were be duds, but the offense is going to eventually work. How many of the early games can the Bulldogs win to get there?

Beating New Mexico, Arkansas, Tulane – and in late November – Alabama A&M is a must for a base of four wins. Even in Oxford, beating Ole Miss is a need-win, and taking out Missouri at home has to be done.

And then figure that the offense is just enough to come up with one shocker in a shootout, and the team is good enough to pull out a road win over NC State or Kentucky on the road.

Get ready to have some fun.

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