College Football News Preview 2020: Michigan Wolverines

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College Football News Preview 2020: Michigan Wolverines


College Football News Preview 2020: Michigan Wolverines


1. College Football News Preview 2020: Michigan Wolverines Win Total Prediction, What Will Happen

We did this same bit last year, but it bears repeating.

Jim Harbaugh has done a much, much better job at Michigan than he gets credit for.

He revived a stagnant powerhouse program – ask Tennessee how hard that is to do – and the exact same reasonable line used before last year still works.

It’s not like the guy is losing to Purdue and Illinois.

Of the 18 losses in his five years, five were to an Ohio State program that’s one a heater of a run, 16 were to teams that finished with ten wins or more, and the other two came against a nine-win South Carolina team in the Outback Bowl collapse to end the 2017 season, and the other was in a 14-13 thriller at Iowa – who finished with eight wins – in 2016.

The guy has won lots and lots of big games, but after four straight bowl losses and all that massive issue with Ohio State, yeah, of course it’s time for more.

And then there’s the other talking point line – okay, so you want to get rid of Harbaugh if he doesn’t beat Ohio State and win the Big Ten title? Who else are you going to get who’s this good?

It’s not like Wisconsin can get by Ohio State lately, and Penn State needed a miraculous play to win the 2016 game, otherwise it would be a run of eight straight losses to that team from Columbus.

And here’s where the apology tour ends.

Set The Michigan Wolverines Regular Season Win Total At … 9.5

Bet at BetMGM Win Total Line: 9

Ohio State is going to beat Michigan on November 28th.

There. The drama is over. There’s no need to obsess about it, and there’s no need to make this a big deal. Ohio State, Alabama, and Clemson are playing at a whole other level of consistent greatness, and Harbaugh’s program just isn’t there.

However, Michigan is absolutely good enough to beat Washington in Seattle. It’s good enough to beat Wisconsin and Penn State in Ann Arbor, and it’s good enough to beat Michigan State and Minnesota on the road.

It’s good enough to go into that Ohio State game 11-0 with everything on the line.

Do that, and losing to Ohio State might not matter, at least to a point – it would be possible to get into the CFP on the four-best-team theory if that one loss is to another great Buckeye team.

Yeah, Michigan really needs to take it one game at a time to get to that one game it needs to win.

But it won’t. Figure one other misfire along the way to go along with that loss to the Buckeyes.

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