College Football News Preview 2020: Alabama Crimson Tide

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College Football News Preview 2020: Alabama Crimson Tide


College Football News Preview 2020: Alabama Crimson Tide


1. College Football News Preview 2020: Alabama Crimson Tide Win Total Prediction, What Will Happen

CFN in 60 Video: Alabama Crimson Tide Preview

It took LSU having the most amazing season ever to beat Alabama, and it still needed to hold on late.

Later last season, it took two Auburn pick-sixes – helped by Tua Tagovailoa being out – to get by the Tide 48-45.

Even with those two losses, an argument could’ve still been made that the Tide deserved the fourth spot in the CFP in a Best Team Theory sort of way. Instead, Alabama found out what it’s been like for the rest of the SEC over the last decade-plus.

You can be really, really, really good in this conference, and it still might not mean jack squat.

And that’s it. That’s The Process that Nick Saban always rants about.

It might be joked about by some, but one missed play, one slip, one interception, one change is the difference between being in the CFP with a chance for another title, and losing two heartbreaking shootouts.

It helps, though, when part of that “process” includes having lots and lots of superstar recruits. Once again, Saban has one of the four best teams in college football, and it might be No. 1.

There are concerns. The secondary has to come together fast, the linebackers have to be able to rock the run D after a rough year, and a quarterback has to be able to handle the job, but … boo hoo.

The NFL talent factory keeps on rolling. Best of all, all things considered, the schedule just isn’t that bad.

Set The Alabama Crimson Tide Regular Season Win Total At … 11

Bet at BetMGM Win Total Line: 10.5

The USC game to open things up is in Jerry World in Arlington. The Tennessee game is on the road, and the LSU showdown is in Baton Rouge. But there’s no Florida to deal with, Georgia – who’s every bit as good as Bama – has to come to Tuscaloosa, and the Texas A&M and Auburn games are at home.

Barring a total disaster, Alabama is a lock for ten wins.

Are you really going to bet that for the first time in the Saban era, he’s going to go two straight regular seasons with multiple regular season losses?

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