College Football News Preview 2020: Northwestern Wildcats

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College Football News Preview 2020: Northwestern Wildcats


College Football News Preview 2020: Northwestern Wildcats


1. College Football News Preview 2020: Northwestern Wildcats Win Total Prediction, What Will Happen

No one around the Northwestern program likes to admit it, but there’s going to be an occasional clunker.

The depth just isn’t there compared to the biggest of the Big Ten big boys, and at a place like Northwestern it takes a perfect storm – to be more fair, a perfect plan – to get something like the 2018 run to the Big Ten Championship game.

So when something goes wrong – like getting beaten up and battered in a brutal opener against Stanford that ruined the seasons of both teams – it’s harder to get past that.

But even when things aren’t perfect, there’s never any reason under Pat Fitzgerald to expect anything less than a bowl appearance.

There was a time not all that long ago when going to a bowl was a big deal for the program, but after going to four straight before last season, it has become the low-level bar.

Expect this to be a rebound season. Fitzgerald is terrific at fixing the glitches, and he’s about to do that with a much healthier, much better offense to go along with a strong season from the D.

Set The Northwestern Wildcats Regular Season Win Total At … 6.5

Bet at BetMGM Win Total Line: 5.5

Let’s just go with the assumption that last year was a blip.

The Wildcats aren’t going to be world-beaters, but they can beat Tulane, Central Michigan, Maryland, Morgan State, and Illinois. Even if they only win four of those, expect it to do what it does when things are working and mucks it up on the way to a few stunning wins.

There’s no Michigan or Ohio State to deal with, and there’s certainly a shot it can win on the road at Purdue Michigan State, or at home against Nebraska.

And expect a fifth bowl appearance in six seasons.

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