College Football News Preview 2020: Navy Midshipmen

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College Football News Preview 2020: Navy Midshipmen


College Football News Preview 2020: Navy Midshipmen


1. College Football News Preview 2020: Navy Midshipmen Win Total Prediction, What Will Happen

Navy found its groove again.

It went 3-10 in a strange disaster of a 2018 season, but the issue was easy – the running game didn’t work quite right, and that put too much stress on a defense that didn’t do its part.

Last year? The running game was phenomenal, the defense lived behind the line, and the Midshipmen looked the part again with an 11-win run. It wasn’t exactly magical – it was what Navy does – but it was also ultra-efficient.

The infrastructure is still going to be strong. The coaching is still top-notch, the offensive line has its way to train for the positions, and the system works. The running backs are good, a quarterback will emerge even if he’s not another Malcolm Perry, and the defense will still get behind the line.

It might not be another 11-win season, but …

Set The Navy Midshipmen Regular Season Win Total At … 8

Bet at BetMGM Win Total Line: 7

There’s no Cincinnati and UCF on the slate. Start with that, and Navy catches a mega-break before the season even gets started.

The showdowns against Memphis and Houston are at home, as is the game against Temple, but going to Air Force, SMU and Tulane will all be challenges, along with the opener that was supposed to happen against Notre Dame in Dublin but is now in Annapolis.

There’s enough turnover to assume a bit of a step back overall, but there are at least five wins baked into the slate. This year’s team will take its lumps early on, but it can get to eight wins and another bowl game.

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