NFL Draft Guard, Center Rankings 2020: From The College Perspective

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NFL Draft Guard, Center Rankings 2020: From The College Perspective

2020 NFL Draft

NFL Draft Guard, Center Rankings 2020: From The College Perspective


Who are the guards and centers who’ll matter in the 2020 NFL Draft, and what’s the college perspective on all of the top prospects?

2020 NFL Draft Guard, Center Rankings

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The guards are fine, but it’s a center-rich draft with a few excellent starting prospects to be had from – likely – the second round on.

From the college perspective, here are the top guards and centers – interior linemen – in your 2020 NFL Draft, starting with the ones who’ll be in the mix, and then diving into the five who’ll actually matter over the next ten years of the pro football world.

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15. Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon

Size: 6-5, 317

The Good: He bulked up a bit between the end of the season and the combine, but he should maintain his versatility and potential to be tried out at tackle. Able to be tried out anywhere, at worst he’s a good all-around possibility as a swing backup.

The Not-So-Good: A true-tweener, even at his bigger weight he’s still not quite a traditional bulk guard, and the athleticism isn’t there to be a tackle. There’s nothing that stands out at an NFL level.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: Just take him and figure out a spot. He’s a tough blocker who can serve as good, reliable reserve at absolute worst, but he should be able to fight his way through to be a starting NFL quarter.

Projected Round: Fourth

14. Darryl Williams, Mississippi State (C/OG)

Size: 6-2, 304

The Good: Try to blow off the measurables. He’s got the versatility to be a rock-solid center from the start, or could move to either guard spot in a pinch.  A true leader, he can take over a line from the middle.

The Not-So-Good: The NFL body type isn’t there. He’s not long enough and doesn’t have the raw mass to be any sort of a power blocker for a consistent basis. It’s not a knock that he’s probably just a center, but he’s only a backup at guard.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: More than able to hold his own for a long time as an SEC center, he was more than able to handle the work against the nation’s top defensive tackles. He’s too smart of a player to not be someone’s center.

Projected Round: Fifth

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13. Shane Lemieux, Oregon

Size: 6-4, 310

The Good: Very dependable and very experienced, he’s ready to go right now with the toughness to be a good grinder for the ground game. There isn’t any finesse about his style – he’s a true guard.

The Not-So-Good: Can he move well enough? He moved well enough at the combine to think he can do more in pass protection, but he’ll need to be flanked by athletic linemen.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: He doesn’t necessarily look the part of a more modern day athletic NFL lineman, but get past it. He’s a veteran pounder who’ll start for a long time.

Projected Round: Fourth

12. Jonah Jackson, Ohio State (C/OG)

Size: 6-3, 306

The Good: Equally promising at any of the three interior spots at the next level, he’s a superior run blocker who gets great leverage and can maul. He’s not massive, but he uses his bulk and technique well enough to produce, especially if he becomes a next-level center.

The Not-So-Good: Good luck against the ultra-quick interior defensive linemen. He can pound, and he isn’t that bad at moving in short areas, but he isn’t enough of a pass protector to rely on.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: The former Rutgers-transfer turned-Buckeye has all of the intangibles to be someone’s starting center for a long time. He might not be an elite athlete, but he can pop.

Projected Round: Third

11. Matt Hennessy, Temple (C/OG)

Size: 6-4, 307

The Good: Able to play anywhere in the interior, he’s a center with just enough toughness and grit to work as a guard. There’s even the potential to try him out at right tackle if needed.

The Not-So-Good: He’s not quite big enough to not be scheme-specific – he’s not going to maul anyone at the next level – and he might be a center-only. The want-to is there to work as a guard, but the bulk isn’t.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: He can be a leader of someone’s line as an athletic center who can get on the move. It would be nice if he could work at around 315 and bring a little more power, but he’ll be fine early on the second day.

Projected Round: Third

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