Sun Belt NFL Draft: Who's Making Dat Bank?

Sun Belt NFL Draft: Who's Making Dat Bank?

Appalachian State

Sun Belt NFL Draft: Who's Making Dat Bank?


Sun Belt NFL Draft: Who’s Making Dat Bank?

Time to make the donuts, y’all.

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Let’s get this out of the way: The NFL Draft isn’t kind to the Sun Belt. We’re a Day 3 Conference with aspirations for someday becoming a Day 2. You know how badly it hurts to type that? I’m not some unfeeling keyboard commentator. I’m flesh and blood. Maybe more flesh than most.

Because I’m a patriotic Citizen of the Sun Belt, it is my duty to feel good about the 2020 NFL Draft, which opens proceedings on Thursday night and lumbers on through Saturday. Why feel so good, Sunrades? Nothing concrete, but the NFL Combine did invite 7 Belters to run, jump and perform feats of strength before grown men carrying clipboards. Seven isn’t a groundbreaking amount, but it’s four more than last year’s Combine and seven more invites than the MAC received this year.

Combine invites don’t guarantee a place in an NFL huddle. The Sun Belt received three invites last year and drafted one (1!) player. But there are other signs. For example, CBS College Sports has seven Sun Belt prospects ranked within the Top 255. But what do they know?

They likely know more than me. However, because I haven’t submitted content to this site in months (blame COVID19), I’ll go ahead a provide you my list of Sun Belt Superstars most likely to be selected on NFL Draft Day 2020.

Fo Sho

Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, Appalachian State

Robert Hunt, OL, Louisiana

Kevin Dotson, OL, Louisiana


Darrynton Evans, RB, Appalachian State

Omar Bayless, WR, Arkansas State

Tyler Bass, K, Georgia Southern


Kindle Vildor, DB, Georgia Southern

Kirk Merritt, WR, Arkansas State

Raymond Calais, RB, Louisiana

Get’n Robbed

Monquavion Brinson, DB, Georgia Southern

Ja’Marcus Bradley, WR, Louisiana

Victor Johnson, OL, Appalachian State

Kevin Thurmon, DE, Arkansas State

Bryan London, LB, Texas State

Jordon Fehr, LB, Appalachian State

Tra Minter, RB, South Alabama

Tra Barnett, RB, Georgia State


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