College Football News Preview 2020: Akron Zips

Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

College Football News Preview 2020: Akron Zips


College Football News Preview 2020: Akron Zips


1. College Football News Preview 2020: Akron Zips Win Total Prediction, What Will Happen

Tom Arth is a young, promising head coach who knows how to get an offense going.

Now he has to get his Akron offense going.

This was the worst team in college football in just about every way, but this happens sometimes in the MAC. Central Michigan couldn’t do anything right in a 1-11 2018 season, and then the experience came together around new head coach Jim McElwain in 2019 and the program went to the MAC Championship.

That’s not going to happen to Akron, but it should be a better all-around team as long as the lines improve – and that’s the issue.

The offensive line could’ve started to turn around, but three departures and no spring ball to work with should set back the program’s development. Even so, there’s just enough coming back overall to …

Set The Akron Zips Regular Season Win Total At … 3

Bet at BetMGM Win Total: 2

There’s going to be an upset in the MAC somewhere along the way, at the very least there has to be a split between Youngstown State and at New Mexico State, and there’s an opportunity this year for all the parts the coaching staff put together throughout a brutal 2019 to start to work a little bit.

Don’t expect miracles, and there will be a few brutal beatdowns – like at Clemson in mid-September – but it won’t be a season of total misery like last year.

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