College Football News Preview 2020: Akron Zips

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College Football News Preview 2020: Akron Zips


College Football News Preview 2020: Akron Zips


4. College Football News Preview 2020: Akron Zips Defense 3 Things To Know

It’s not like the defense was a killer, but it didn’t get any help whatsoever from the offensive side. The front seven was pounded on too easily, but the secondary wasn’t bad considering there was absolutely no pass rush whatsoever. Some reworking has to be done with five of the top eight tacklers are gone, but Job One is to find more disruptive forces in the backfield.

The three man front has a little bit of bulk. There are enough 300-pounders to work around the rotation, but this only works if the outside linebackers can start making more big plays. Senior DeMarkus Glover and junior Bubba Arsianian are way undersized, but they can both move. Finding a hitter of an inside linebacker to replace All-MAC star John Lako – the 220-pound Glover will work inside – is a must.

There’s no replacing Alvin Davis in the secondary – he was one of the team’s few difference-makers. The depth is hit with four transfers taking off, but overall this group is promising. It went way young last year, with sophomore CB Randy Cochran a keeper on one side. Even without Davis, this should be one of the team’s top units.

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