2020 NFL Draft: Two Round Mock Draft, Betting Odds For Each First Round Pick

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2020 NFL Draft: Two Round Mock Draft, Betting Odds For Each First Round Pick

2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Draft: Two Round Mock Draft, Betting Odds For Each First Round Pick


2020 NFL Mock Draft, First Round Picks 21-32

21. Philadelphia

Mock Draft Pick: WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State

The Eagles could go with one of the top offensive tackles if once slides down to the 21, but they also need an upgrade at receiver. The first wave of top targets will be gone, and the Eagles will kick off the second group with its choice of good options.
BetMGM Which Round for Brandon Aiyuk
1 +110, 2-7 -134
BetMGM Position of Philadelphia 1st Drafted Player
Offense -200, Defense +165
BetMGM Philadelphia Exact Position of 1st Drafted Player (if it’s a WR) -228

22. Minnesota (from Buffalo)

Mock Draft Pick: CB Jaylon Johnson, Utah

The Vikings have the 22 and the 25. They need a wide receiver, but they DESPERATELY need a corner even more. They might hope for Clemson’s AJ Terrell to slide down this far, and TCU’s Jeff Gladney might be the call, but Johnson has the all-around tools and quickness who can fit in right away.
BetMGM Position of Minnesota 1st Drafted Player
Offense +150, Defense -182

23. New England

Mock Draft Pick: DE AJ Epenesa, Iowa

Epenesa is a top 15 all-round talent, maybe even top ten. There’s a chance that New England uses some of its many, many draft picks over this draft and the next to move up to go after one of the top quarterbacks. There’s a shot it could go too-early with a tight end, but Epenesa is the all-around D lineman who fits in too perfectly.
BetMGM AJ Epenesa Draft Position
Over 30.5 -110, Under 30.5 -110
BetMGM Position of New England 1st Drafted Player
Offense -110, Defense -110
BetMGM New England Exact Position of 1st Drafted Player (if it’s Epenesa) +375

24. New Orleans

Mock Draft Pick: LB Patrick Queen, LSU

Perfect pick, perfect time. New Orleans doesn’t need to fill any glaring holes and could use an overall upgrade and to get a bit younger. Queen might be undersized, but he has the speed and hitting ability to be one of those missing final pieces of the puzzle.
BetMGM Patrick Queen Draft Position
Over 23.5 -115, Under 23.5 -106
BetMGM Position of NO 1st Drafted Player
Offense +105, Defense -125

25. Minnesota

Mock Draft Pick: WR Justin Jefferson, LSU

Assuming the Vikings get the corner they need at the 22, they still might go corner here, too, in the attempt to upgrade the position fast. With Stefon Diggs gone, they need a new playmaking receiver. Jefferson would be a great gets here.
BetMGM Justin Jefferson Draft Position
Over 21.5 +130, Under 21.5 -159

26. Miami (from Houston)

Mock Draft Pick: RB Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin

If Miami keeps all of its first round picks and doesn’t try moving up, here’s where it looks to lock down the backfield for the future. Assume it goes with a quarterback early on at the 5 – again, if it doesn’t move up – and starts to solidify the offensive line at the 18. Now is when it can take the home run cut with a desperately needed top-shelf running back.
BetMGM Jonathan Taylor Draft Position
Over 36.5 -134, Under 36.5 +110
BetMGM Which Round for Jonathan Taylor
1 +275, 2-7 -358

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27. Seattle

Mock Draft Pick: LB Zack Baun, Wisconsin

Just how much will the NFL care about the weird diluted urine sample at the combine? If all things check out fine, Baun is the perfect fit for what the Seattle defense does. It would be nice to get a pure pass rusher, but the franchise never goes chalk with its top picks.
BetMGM Position of Seattle 1st Drafted Player
Offense +135, Defense -164

28. Baltimore

Mock Draft Pick: LB Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma

Assume New Orleans goes with a linebacker with its pick at the 24, and Baltimore will grab the other top guy here. This is way too long for a hitter like Murray to be on the board, but he’s exactly what the D needs.
BetMGM Kenneth Murray Draft Position
Over 21.5 -125, Under 21.5 +105
BetMGM Position of Baltimore 1st Drafted Player
Offense +110, Defense -134

29. Tennessee

Mock Draft Pick: DE Yetur Gross-Matos, Penn State

The Titans need to ramp up the pass rush to another level. They might be trying to find some new parts in free agency, but they need as many new options on the defensive front as possible. Gross-Matos isn’t a finished product, but his upside is through the roof.
BetMGM Yetur Gross-Matos Draft Position
Over 26.5 -125, Under 26.5 +105
BetMGM Position of Tennessee 1st Drafted Player
Offense +115, Defense -139

30. Green Bay

Mock Draft Pick: DT Ross Blacklock, TCU

It just fits. There might be an idea of going with a wide receiver to add more desperately needed weapons to the mix. The D line doesn’t need a whole lot of help, but Blacklock is a great get to rotate into the equation to take an already good situation and make it better. The receivers and a a tight end will be there later.
BetMGM Ross Blacklock Draft Position
Over 31.5 -145, Under 31.5 +120
BetMGM Which Round for Ross Blacklock
1 +100, 2-7 -125
BetMGM Position of Green Bay 1st Drafted Player
Offense -250, Defense +200

31. San Francisco

Mock Draft Pick: OT Ezra Cleveland, Boise State

The 49ers should be able to address their receiver concerns at the 13, and now comes the upgrade for the offensive line. In a deep and talented class of offensive tackles, Cleveland is a terrific prospect who can start early on.

32. Kansas City

Mock Draft Pick: OT Isaiah Wilson, Georgia

There’s talk of Kansas City moving up to try making a great situation even better, but it can stick around here and still get a star prospect. Corner might be the biggest concern – and a few good ones are still on the board – but the franchise comes down to three things: 1) Protect Patrick Mahomes, 2) protect Patrick Mahomes, 3) protect Patrick Mahomes. Continuing to upgrade the offensive line will always matter as long as No. 15 is back there.
BetMGM Position of KC 1st Drafted Player
Offense +150, Defense -186

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