2020 NFL Draft: Top 30 Undrafted Free Agents. Where Did They Sign?

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2020 NFL Draft: Top 30 Undrafted Free Agents. Where Did They Sign?

2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Draft: Top 30 Undrafted Free Agents. Where Did They Sign?


Top Ten NFL Draft Undrafted Free Agents

10. TE Mitchell Wilcox, USF

Ultra-productive for an offense that didn’t do anything even slightly productive, he’s a pure receiver who’ll catch everything that comes his way. However, he doesn’t have high-end NFL tools.
Signed By: COMING
Projected Round: Sixth

9. CB Stanford Samuels, Florida State

The raw speed is missing. He’s a good football player who should be able to stick as a versatile defensive back with enough size to find a role somewhere. He’s a true tweener, but he can play.
Signed By: Green Bay
Projected Round: Fourth

8. TE Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt

He’s got the 6-4, 257-pound size and the great hands, but he’s way, way too slow – as in 5.0ish slow. He’s enough of a run blocker and and a reliable receiver to make an impact in camp.
Signed By: Atlanta
Projected Round: Fifth

7. WR Kalija Lipscomb, Vanderbilt

Yeah, it was a too-deep class of wide receivers, and it wasn’t his fault that the Vanderbilt offense was too inconsistent for him to show off, but he should’ve found a spot somewhere early on Day Three. Get him out there and he’ll find his way to get open.
Signed By: Kansas City
Projected Round: Fourth

6. TE Hunter Bryant, Washington

The athleticism and hands are there, but he’s only 6-2 and 248 pounds – he’s just not big enough. He’s an okay blocker, but he’s not going to blast away at anyone. The receiving skills are there to find a home in a high-end passing attack.
Signed By: Detroit
Projected Round: Third

5. QB Stephen Montez, Colorado

Don’t even get started with the quarterbacks without the skills who went ahead of a passer who has them. There’s a lot not to like about Montez’s game – he was never able to consistently put it all together – but the 6-4, 231-pound veteran has the tools to hang around the league as a good No. 2.
Signed By: Washington
Projected Round: Fifth

4. DE Nick Coe, Auburn

This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. 6-5, 280-pound pass rushers with his size tend to get NFL jobs, but he’s missing the burst into the backfield as a true end. In the right system, he might stick as an all-around backup option who can work inside if needed.
Signed By: COMING
Projected Round: Fifth

3. QB Anthony Gordon, Washington State

If you liked Gardner Minshew … why not take a flier on the guy who put up better numbers in the Mike Leach system? Yeah, it was the offense, but he hung around with Joe Burrow statistically last year. He can make the reads, the throws, and he averaged 51 more passing yards per game than the No. 1 overall pick.
Signed By: Seattle
Projected Round: Fifth

2. DT Benito Jones, Ole Miss

Oh so what? He’s only 6-1 – does that really matter? He doesn’t have an NFL body, but he’s got the high-end motor, the production at an SEC level, and the quickness to at the very least be a specialist of a pass rusher. It’s ridiculous that he didn’t come off the board early on Day Three.
Signed By: Miami
Projected Round: Fourth

1. OT Trey Adams, Washington

This just stinks. He was a top ten overall talent before the knee injuries kicked in. He was able to block just fine last year, even if he lost a step, and he’s not a killer for the running game. The 6-8, 318-pounder is a technician, though, in pass protection, and he’s got the right frame to work as someone’s right tackle.
Signed By: Buffalo
Projected Round: Third

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