2020 NFL Draft Top 106 Pro Prospects: Best Players On The Board From The College Perspective

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2020 NFL Draft Top 106 Pro Prospects: Best Players On The Board From The College Perspective

2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Draft Top 106 Pro Prospects: Best Players On The Board From The College Perspective


Who are the best 106 pro prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft from the college perspective? Who are the best players on the board?

2020 NFL Draft Top 106 Prospects: Best Players on the Board

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CFN 2020 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings
from the college perspective …
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DE | DT | LB | CB | Safeties
Greatest NFL Draft Picks From Each School
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32 Greatest Draft Picks of All-Time
Full 2020 NFL Draft Order

Which 106 pro prospects matter the most in the 2020 NFL Draft? From the college football perspective, who are the ones who’ll be the must-have talents?

And why 106? That’s how many picks are in the first three rounds.

To cut through the hoo-ha, to get a guy who’ll start for you in a meaningful way after the third round requires more random luck than anything else.

So with that in mind, who will play NFL football really, really well over the next several seasons? These are the 106 top prospects.

Forget the value, forget the mocks, and forget what everyone else is trying sell you. These are the proverbial Best Players on the Board.

One note, this isn’t a mock draft. The teams listed who have the picks at each spot don’t have anything to do with the players ranked in each spot. They’re there simply to show the draft order.

CFN in 60: Top 5 2020 NFL Draft Prospects

106. TE Adam Trautman, Dayton

Bottom Line: You can’t take too many great tight end prospects with great traits. Trautman might have played at the FCS level, but he was an unstoppable force of a receiver. He can block, too.
Who Has This Pick? Baltimore

105. OG Ben Bredeson, Michigan

Bottom Line: With excellent 6-5, 315-pound size and the drive to be nasty for a running game, there’s a home for him somewhere as a power blocker. Just surround him with quickness on the line, though.
Who Has This Pick? Minnesota

104. DE Alton Robinson, Syracuse

Bottom Line: If you can get a fantastic pass rusher with his talent and skill in the third round, go for it and be happy. He’s a phenomenal closer who could find a role as a high-end specialist.
Who Has This Pick? Los Angeles Rams

103. DT Benito Jones, Ole Miss

Bottom Line: Forget that he doesn’t quite look the part. He’s an ultra-quick inside force with the upside to be a terror of an interior pass rusher. He’s got everything except the height – don’t care that he’s only 6-1.
Who Has This Pick? Philadelphia

102. DE Khalid Kareem, Notre Dame

Bottom Line: A true defensive end, he’ll fill a role for a team that’s looking for a bulky defensive end who can bring the power. He’s not a high-end athlete for the position, but don’t get into a twist that the big sack numbers won’t be there. He’ll be a solid starter who holds his own.
Who Has This Pick? Pittsburgh

101. OG Solomon Kindley, Georgia

Bottom Line: Don’t overthink this. He’ll drop because he’s only 6-3 and he doesn’t have the length some will like. Whatever – he’s a see guy, hit guy really, REALLY hard type of blocker. He’s a starter for your offensive line who’ll be available in the third round.
Who Has This Pick? Seattle

100. TE Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri

Bottom Line: Can he stay on the field? He’s got NFL pass catching skills, speed, and prototype size, but he’s been hurt way too often. He won’t do much as a blocker, but he’s too good a receiver not to take a chance on in the third round.
Who Has This Pick? New England

99. OT Lucas Niang, TCU

Bottom Line: A fantastic value after the second round, he might not necessarily have the right body type or look the part, but he can start as long as he’s all back full from his hip injury.
Who Has This Pick? New York Giants

98. OG Damien Lewis, LSU

Bottom Line: So what if he’s just 6-2? He’s got the bulk to go along with stunning athleticism. He doesn’t have the length or the frame, but he’s a terrific run blocker who’ll get the job done.
Who Has This Pick? New England

97. TE Brycen Hopkins, Purdue

Bottom Line: Ultra-productive, he might have been part of the system, but he was also occasionally unstoppable even when everyone knew the ball was coming his way. Don’t worry about him as a blocker and let him go out there and catch passes.
Who Has This Pick? Cleveland (from Houston)

96. CB Amik Robertson, Louisiana Tech

Bottom Line: A big-time playmaker who battles hard to overcome his 5-8 frame, he’s a huge hitter – at least for his size – and he finds ways to break up everything he can get to. He’s a baller’s baller.
Who Has This Pick? Kansas City

95. QB Jake Fromm, Georgia

Bottom Line: It’s all there except for the arm, the mobility, the size, and the high end college production, but … he was able to beat out Justin Fields and Jacob Eason for the Georgia gig. Ultra-careful with the ball, he’ll be a fine starter even if he doesn’t have the raw tools.
Who Has This Pick? Denver (from San Francisco)

94. CB Stanford Samuels, Florida State

Bottom Line: The only knock is his lack of raw speed. He’s got good size and he’s a terrific tackler – he’s simply a good football player. You can get past everything else.
Who Has This Pick? Green Bay

93. OT Ezra Cleveland, Boise State

Bottom Line: As athletic as any offensive tackle in the draft, he’s got the feet and the quickness to be worked as a left tackle. Bulk is a wee bit of an issue, but in the right system he’ll be a key part of the offensive line puzzle.
Who Has This Pick? Tennessee

92. WR Tyler Johnson, Minnesota

Bottom Line: The all-around tools are just okay, but other than LSU’s Justin Jefferson, no receiver in this draft does a better job of winning the 50/50 battle. Throw it somewhere in the stadium and he’ll find a way to get it.
Who Has This Pick? Baltimore

91. RB Zack Moss, Utah

Bottom Line: The only real problem is the position. Tough as nails, productive, and with the right body to be a tough NFL back, he’ll slide because he’ll take WAY too many big hits. He’s got too much tread off the tires.
Who Has This Pick? Las Vegas (from Seattle)

CFN 2020 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings
from the college perspective …
QB | RB | WR | TE | OT | OG & C
DE | DT | LB | CB | Safeties
Greatest NFL Draft Picks From Each School
ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12 | SEC
32 Greatest Draft Picks of All-Time
Full 2020 NFL Draft Order

90. OT Trey Adams, Washington

Bottom Line: There was a time when he had a top five overall pick projection. A slew of injuries crushed his Washington career, but if he can stay healthy, he’s a talented blocker who could be a steal on Day Three.
Who Has This Pick? Houston

89. S Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois

Bottom Line: He’s a 6-3, 221-pound safety who hits, and hits, and hits some more. Throw in the 4.45 40 and 41” vertical, and he’s the ultimate tools prospect for the position.
Who Has This Pick? Minnesota

88. LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech

Bottom Line: LOVE him as a tough inside linebacker who’ll get in on everything. He’s got the raw tools, he’s got decent size, and he’ll bring the thump. Just don’t ask him to do much in pass coverage.
Who Has This Pick? New Orleans

87. WR Van Jefferson, Florida

Bottom Line: He did everything right for Florida but catch a lot of passes. The definition of a lunchpail receiver, he’ll hit, he’ll run every route perfectly, and he’ll be a dream of a chain-mover on third downs.
Who Has This Pick? New England

86. OG John Simpson, Clemson

Bottom Line: In a draft full of guards who don’t quite fit the mold, he’s got everything you want. Likely to be the first guard off the board, he’s got terrific size and can move. While quickness is a bit of an issue, he’s ready to start in your interior on Day One.
Who Has This Pick? Buffalo

85. TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame

Bottom Line: He looks the part. He’s got the 6-6 size, the 4.7 speed, and the all-around athleticism to be special. He’s not a great blocker, but give him a year or so and he could be a go-to star for a strong passing game.
Who Has This Pick? Detroit (from Philadelphia)

84. TE Harrison Bryant, Florida Atlantic

Bottom Line: While he’s a bit too light – 6-5 and 243 pounds – and he’s nowhere near the athlete that Notre Dame’s Cole Kmet is, he’s a potential superstar. He’s a fantastic receiver and a KILLER of a blocker.
Who Has This Pick? Los Angeles Rams

83. LB Troy Dye, Oregon

Bottom Line: This is probably way too low. He doesn’t look the part of an NFL linebacker with a tall, wiry frame, but he’s going to be the quarterback of someone’s defense on his way to a whale of a coaching career.
Who Has This Pick? Denver (from Pittsburgh)

82. CB Kindle Vildor, Georgia Southern

Bottom Line: Very fast, a good tackler, and a high-end producer over a strong career, he can be a fantastic starter with a little bit of time. There’s some technique work, but he’ll be a terrific No. 2 corner who’ll put up big numbers.
Who Has This Pick? Dallas

81. DE Julian Okwara, Notre Dame

Bottom Line: This will be an upside play. He’s got the size and the quickness, but he wasn’t consistent enough and the production just wasn’t there considering all he brings to the dance. Worry about him if he’s a second rounder, love him as an easy risk to take in the third.
Who Has This Pick? Las Vegas (from Chicago)

80. C Cesar Ruiz, Michigan

Bottom Line: Versatile enough to play anywhere in the interior of a line, he’s an athletic center who can hit well for a running game despite his lack of raw bulk. He’s going to be a starter in the middle for a long, long time.
Who Has This Pick? Las Vegas

79. WR KJ Hamler, Penn State

Bottom Line: Speed, speed, speed. He’s a small player who’ll blow over when the wind gusts up, but there’s a whole lot of flash for an offensive coordinator to play around with.
Who Has This Pick? New York Jets

78. S Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne

Bottom Line: BE PATIENT. It’s going to take a little while to get up to next-level speed after playing at a D-II level, but he’s one of the best all-around athletes in the draft,. He can really, really hit.
Who Has This Pick? Atlanta

77. C Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin

Bottom Line: There’s no real massive upside here, but that’s because he’s already solid – he’ll be a no-risk blocker who’ll start for a long time. The athleticism isn’t quite there compared to other top centers, but helping the infrastructure is always a big plus.
Who Has This Pick? Denver

76. LB Logan Wilson, Wyoming

Bottom Line: If you can get past his lack of speed and stick him inside a linebacking corps, he’ll make every single tackle possible. He’ll do all of the dirty work so the flashy guys on the outside can shine.
Who Has This Pick? Tampa Bay

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