2020 NFL Draft Odds, Predictions, Betting Lines: 2nd Overall Pick. Here's The Problem ...

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2020 NFL Draft Odds, Predictions, Betting Lines: 2nd Overall Pick. Here's The Problem ...

2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Draft Odds, Predictions, Betting Lines: 2nd Overall Pick. Here's The Problem ...


2020 NFL Draft: Odds, Betting Lines and Advice, and Predictions for the 2nd Overall Pick

The 2020 NFL Draft is still going off on April 23rd – and there’s betting on it.

BetMGM has lines, odds, and wagering on the 2020 NFL Draft, and if you’re in the right state, click here to bet on any and all of it.

Who will be the second overall pick in the NFL Draft?

2020 NFL Draft Odds, Predictions, Betting Lines: 2nd Overall Pick

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2nd Overall Pick

Of course Joe Burrow will go with the No. 1 overall pick to Cincinnati … right?

How many trades will there be between now and draft day? How many teams are going to try moving up and around for the No. 1 overall pick, or more importantly for this, No. 2?

It seems like a mortal lock that Burrow will go with the first selection to be the possible franchise-maker for the Bengals, and then it’s supposed to be Ohio State pass rushing star Chase Young ready to go to Washington.

The key to figuring out the 2 will be guessing how desperate teams are for a quarterback, and if there’s any interest in trading up for it.

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There’s always the crazy possibility that Washington will pull a Josh Rosen and bail on its first round quarterback pick of the previous year – Dwayne Haskins – like Arizona did to select Kyler Murray in the 2019 NFL Draft, but … nah. No chance.

Detroit almost certainly isn’t going to take a quarterback at the 3, and the New York Giants aren’t going with one at the 4 after all the hoo-ha it took selecting Danny “Dimes” Jones last year.

But Miami needs a quarterback at the 5.

This is where it’ll get scary to try betting on the 2.

Let’s say Miami goes 2017 Chicago Bears and freaks out that someone might move up to take the quarterback it wants. The Bears traded with San Francisco to move up from the 3 to the 2 to take Mitchell Trubisky – yeeesh – and this year, maybe Miami really wants Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert. With three first round picks – the 5, 18 and 26 – and two in the second round, the Dolphins can spend to ensure they get their franchise quarterback.

Jacksonville needs a quarterback, and it has the 9 and the 20 to play around with, along with the 42nd overall pick in the second round. Will it make a move to jump ahead of Miami?

Tyrod Taylor? Nah – the Los Angeles Chargers need a quarterback to build around. They only have seven picks in this draft – as opposed to the 12 of the Jaguars – and they’d have to spend big to move up from the 6 to get past Miami at the 5.

Long build-up short, a few teams out there might panic to move up into the No. 2 spot, and it won’t be to take Young.

With all of that in mind, using a combination of likelihood and value for the bet, rank the 2020 NFL Draft Second Overall Picks on the BetMGM board like this …

1. QB Justin Herbert, Oregon +3500
Don’t be shocked it some teams love him more than the scouts do. GREAT value for a franchise QB who could go No. 2

2. QB Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama +180
The only reason he’s a step below is because the value isn’t as great. His recent strong workout could make him a must-have to trade up for.

3. QB Jordan Love, Utah State +20,000
Value, value, value, value, value. There’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever that a few teams have him as the No. 1 QB on their boards. At +20,000, this is the shot for the stars.

4. QB Joe Burrow, LSU +2500
Value-wise, it’s not that insane to think Cincinnati might get weird at the last possible second and like Young or even a seemingly healthy Tagovailoa. The value for Burrow to slide one spot isn’t bad.

5. DE Chase Young, Ohio State -286
Fine – he’s almost certainly the second overall pick. However, again, he’s not a great value play at -286. You’re better off projecting mild chaos and potential quarterback craziness.

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