2006 Rose Bowl: Texas vs. USC Quarter By Quarter Game Notes

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2006 Rose Bowl: Texas vs. USC Quarter By Quarter Game Notes


2006 Rose Bowl: Texas vs. USC Quarter By Quarter Game Notes


Second Quarter

– Bush will get dogged for trying to pitch the ball and losing the fumble after looking like he was shot out of a cannon on a perfectly executed pass play.  If he makes the pitch, he’s being hailed as even more of a god with a moment that would be talked about as long as they play college football. It didn’t work, but it would’ve been a score had he just gotten the ball there.
– The USC offensive gameplan is nearly flawless. Every play is there, they just aren’t all clicking.

Texas on its own 18
– Neither team is generating a pass rush.
– Young is 8-of-8. When USC does get someone in the backfield, Young is all but laughing at the pressure. The Trojan front four is doing absolutely nothing.
– Not to go cliché on you, but Young looks like he’s feeling it. That might not necessarily be a good thing for Texas. He forces things when he’s gets on a roll.
– How lucky is Texas when it comes to fumbles? It seems like it always recovers its mistakes.
– David Pino’s field goal is good. That’s nice, but so far it looks like Texas has brought a knife to a gun fight.
USC 7 … Texas 3

USC on its own 26
– Once again, I’d get Leinart going. Just to see what works and what doesn’t, I’d make this drive all about him.
– That should be reviewed. Steve Smith made a good attempt at a catch, but the ball looked like it hit the ground. It won’t be reversed; it’s too close.
– The play stands. It had to.
– AFLAC Trivia Question: Who are the three players to win two Rose Bowl player of the game awards? Ron Dayne is one, I’ll guess Charles White. I’ll guess the third is someone from the 30s that no one has ever heard of.
– The NFL Texas DTs are getting shoved around way too easily. The holes are way, way too big. The secondary has to make way too many plays against the run. Taitusi Lutui is making himself a ton of money.
– The straight ahead style of White has been more effective than the dancing of Bush. The Texas team speed is all over Bush.
– Oooooh. That has to be reviewed. I thought Michael Griffin got a foot in on his interception at the goal line. Leinart hung that ball up way too much when he had a touchdown if he didn’t put so much air under it.
– Yup. That’s an interception. Once again, replay works. At least, it had better work here. This isn’t close.
– Texas ball.

Texas on its own 20
– Each team scored off a turnover.
– Texas is speeding up going to a no-huddle. It’s interesting that Texas is trying to move the ball by passing and not using the backs much.
– AFLAC answer: Dayne, White, and some dude named Bob Schloredt, Washington 1960-61.
– Texas needs a touchdown off this drive. Things are working too well to get bogged down with another field goal.
– Wow what a run by Jamaal Charles. He should’ve been stopped for a loss, but he banged for a first down.
– Wasn’t he down? What was I saying about Bush and his ill-fated pitch? Young, not learning, did the same thing pitching to Charles for a score. That has to at least be looked at.
– Call that justice. Young’s knee was down, and it wasn’t even close, but Texas snapped the ball quickly so it couldn’t be reviewed. Pino missed the extra point wide right. USC got screwed big-time.
– I hate this. It shouldn’t be up to USC to call time out to have that looked at. Give the coaches one challenge per game.
Texas 9 … USC 7

USC on its own 42
– Is Keith Jackson sleepy? I need more energy than this. This is a whale of a game.
– USC appears deflated. That will change in a heartbeat if Bush breaks one.
– It’s almost like USC is shocked that Texas can actually play.
– Leinart has to be better than that. He’s too good and too experienced to not check the clock and get nailed with a delay of game.
– Did Pete Carroll just go to John Davis Booty and tell him to be prepared? The ABC producers have to yell to the sideline reporters to get on that.
– I can’t believe USC appears to be so down. The body language couldn’t be more depressing.
– Carroll should place a call to Snoop Dogg to get this party started at halftime.

Texas on its own 49
– 3:45 to play.
– Young has to be more careful. His deep pass took five days to get there, and he threw it into triple coverage.
– You’d think USC could tackle Young better after dealing with Reggie Bush in practice every day for the last three years.
– What blocking. Ramonce Taylor was able to motor for a long score, but I could’ve run that 30-yarder with the way Texas was blocking downfield. Limas Sweed buried Scott Ware and took another USC defender out of the play.
– Texas appears a little too giddy on the sidelines. Two words: Arizona State.
(NOTE: Arizona State was up 21-3 on the Trojans at halftime early in the season … and lost 38-28)

Texas 16 … USC 7
– Is it crazy to think USC has the Longhorns right where it wants them?

USC on its own 20
– Once again, it seems like USC is trying too hard to get the ball to Bush. Where’s Dwayne Jarrett? What happened to LenDale White up the middle? Where’s Steve Smith?
– How is that not an interception? Drew Kelson had it, landed on his back and lost the ball. Call it even for the missed replay on the Young downed knee.
– It’s like USC is stunned Texas has defenders as fast as Bush.
– No Keith, Gatorade doesn’t work to prevent cramps. It’s sugar water crap that’s contributing to the obesity of America.
– Leinart is still getting all day to throw. USC has picked up the pace a bit.
– Ooooooooooof. I’ll be shocked if Leinart gets up quickly. He did a great job of scrambling for a first down and got creamed by Aaron Harris. He looks like he got a concussion.
– Pet peeve: “He has to shake the cobwebs.” A concussion occurs when a brain is smashed up against the inside of the skull. There’s nothing cutesy about it.
– What does it say when your drop-back passer dives for a first down and takes a huge pop, but your Heisman winning, first pick in the draft running back can’t find the sidelines fast enough?
– Great answer by USC on this drive. Its on the 13 with :40 left.
– It’s apparent the Texas corners are able to handle the USC receivers one-on-one. Leinart isn’t finding anyone open.
– That’s two straight sacks. Leinart is holding on to the ball too long and isn’t throwing it away. He doesn’t appear used to not having a third or fourth option open.
– Eight seconds left. For the first time this year, Mario Danelo might have to hit a 40+ yarder. His lack of a proven deep leg is a big key to this game.
– What problem? Danelo pushes it over from 43 yards out.
– Texas, considering the competition, has played as well as it possibly can, but is only up six. USC, considering the competition, is playing lousy, but is only down six.
– Solid, solid, solid first half.
First Half Score: Texas 16 … USC 10

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