Heisman Trophy: 2020 Latest Early Odds, March. Top 15 Candidates

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Heisman Trophy: 2020 Latest Early Odds, March. Top 15 Candidates

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Heisman Trophy: 2020 Latest Early Odds, March. Top 15 Candidates


2020 Early Heisman Early Odds: Best Value Candidate No. 1

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The Field

Sorry about this, but there’s a serious betting point here without trying to be gimmicky.

If you’re investing a portion of Junior’s college fund on an early Heisman Trophy candidate, you need to know the history of this hardest of awards to win.

Last year was supposed to feature an epic battle between Tua Tagovailoa and Trevor Lawrence for the Heisman, and neither one was a finalist.

Jonathan Taylor wasn’t a crazy early Heisman call, and neither were Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields once they established themselves as the starters at Oklahoma and Ohio State, respectively, and then the winner was …

Joe Burrow? The guy who hit 58% of his passes in 2018 with 16 touchdown passes? Oh COME ON … no one saw that coming, especially back in March when the early Heisman odds came out.

And that’s the big deal when it comes to these early odds. Remember, these odds are to win the thing and not just become a finalist.

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Could a rising superstar quarterback like Micale Cunningham of Louisville become something truly special and captivate the nation like Lamar Jackson was able to do back in 2016?

Really, who’s the Oklahoma starting quarterback going to be?

Really, who’s going to be the starting quarterback at Georgia, Alabama, and Oregon?

Who’s going to be the next Wisconsin running back who flirts with 2,000 yards?

Can K.J. Costello stay healthy enough to put up a bazillion yards in the Mike Leach offense at Mississippi State? And, oh yeah …

Could there be another Joe Burrow?

Considering all of the crazy twists and turns certain to happen over the next several months, if there’s any way you can get The Field, go for it.

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