Heisman Trophy: 2020 Latest Early Odds, March. Top 15 Candidates

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Heisman Trophy: 2020 Latest Early Odds, March. Top 15 Candidates

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Heisman Trophy: 2020 Latest Early Odds, March. Top 15 Candidates


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Early odds for the 2020 Heisman Trophy are in. Who are the top 15 candidates, and where’s the value?

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The early odds to win the 2020 Heisman Trophy are out from Covers.com, and there aren’t a whole lot of surprises up top.

However, there are a whole bunch of new names in the mix, several seemingly crazy long shots, and enough question marks to make this very, very interesting for anyone trying to handicap the race so far in advance.

What Heisman-caliber players are you going to need to know several months from now once this all gets started for real?

Keep in mind, this is trying to figure out 1) who the best player will be in the 2020 college football season on the 2) best team who’ll 3) crank up the ridiculous stats at an all-time great level.

The bar has been set higher stat-wise after the last few seasons.

Top top ten on this list are done based on what appears to be the best value – about that, here’s your advanced warning that the No. 1 is a bit quirky, but there’s a reason. 11-15 are done based on the odds according to Covers odds, and before that, the …

2020 Heisman Trophy Early Odds: Best of the Rest

So you want to take a shot for the stars? You’re not totally crazy to shoot for the stars – as will be explained later – but …

QB Charlie Brewer, Baylor 60/1
Baylor comes back loaded with talent, but is Brewer going to be able to stay healthy enough after taking monster shots late last season? He’s a terrific baller, but the ceiling – if everything goes right – is to be a Heisman finalist.

QB Brock Purdy, Iowa State 60/1
Stats. He might quickly grow in the eyes of the NFL scouts, but he’s not going to have the raw numbers or the big Big 12 wins to pull it off.

QB Tyler Shough, Oregon 60/1
Are you really sure he’s going to be the Oregon starting quarterback? He’s a big-time talent, but super-recruit Jay Butterfield will get to take his cuts for the No. 1 gig.

RB Master Teague III, Ohio State 60/1
1) JK Dobbins put up massive numbers and wasn’t remotely close to winning the Heisman. 2) Teague is hurt and going to miss the rest of spring practice. It’s being reported by Eleven Warriors that it could be an Achilles’ heel injury.

RB CJ Verdell, Oregon 60/1
Can he put up the stats to be in the mix? He only ran for 1,220 years and eight touchdowns last season, but he has the talent to blow up.

Now for the players with a real shot at pulling this off. Again, starting with projected candidates No. 15 through 11 based on the Covers odds, and then the top ten based on the best values.

Top 15 Early Odds Heisman Candidates, Categories
No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4 | No. 5 | No. 6
No. 7No. 8 | No. 9 | No. 10 | No. 11 | No. 12
No. 13 | No. 14 | No. 15 | Best of the Rest

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