CFN and the Coronavirus: How We're Going Forward

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CFN and the Coronavirus: How We're Going Forward


CFN and the Coronavirus: How We're Going Forward


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CFN and the Coronavirus: How We’re Going Forward

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It should go without saying that college football doesn’t matter right now.

It should go without saying that nothing matters right now other than trying to help all those who are sick, suffering, and worrying.

It should also go without saying that those heroically and tirelessly working to keep people safe and healthy need to be thanked over and over and over again, and assisted in every way possible.

All I do is write about dumb sports things for a living.

Now just doesn’t seem like a time where fun has a place, but we all need a break, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Not to come across as altruistic or anything – I have a job built around quarantine and self-isolation – but if there’s even the slightest chance that coming to CFN can be a positive distraction, cool.

So if we’re not addressing the outbreak and its effects on a daily basis, it’s only because that’s probably the last reason why you’re here.

We can keep everything running as is for the time being, but I can’t say this enough over the coming weeks and months – we’re hyper-mindful at all times about what’s going on, and there’s never, ever any intention of coming across as tone-deaf.

If there’s a 2020 college football season, it’ll be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

We’ll soon start pumping out the normal preview articles and pieces for a season that will hopefully happen in some way, partially because there’s a chance it might, and also because we’re guessing that you need to get away for a little bit.

All wishes and hopes for your good health, safety, and sanity.

Please hit me up at @PeteFiutak with any thoughts or suggestions.

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