SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


2020 SEC Recruiting Rankings

No, really. How good were the SEC classes this 2019 recruiting season?

1. Georgia

Last year’s class was among the best in the country, and this one is even stronger. Once again, Georgia will either be everyone’s No. 1 on the recruiting lists, are very, very close to it with an array of future NFL stars coming in. Offensive line … loaded. Defensive tackles … loaded. Wide receivers, defensive backs … loaded. Kirby Smart has all the talent in place after the last few years – there’s no excuse to not get over the hump and back into the College Football Playoff again.

2. Alabama

It’s Alabama, so there are at least five sure-thing NFL prospects arriving at various positions. The linebackers are the biggest stars, but landing QB Bryce Young, DE William Anderson, and a whole new level of great defensive tackle prospects keeps the talent pipeline rolling. This might not be the best overall recruiting class in college football this year, but whatever. It’s close to the pin.

3. LSU

It’s not quite as deep or as obviously talented as the Georgia and Alabama classes, but … please. It’s good enough to at least be thrown into a bag with those two, pick one out, and you might have the best class of 2020. There isn’t a whole lot at linebacker, and a few more running back options need to come in at some point, but there’s no nitpicking this. The defending national champion just got richer.

4. Texas A&M

It’s the type of class that puts the program in a position to really and truly get into the discussion to be among the nation’s top teams. Last year’s class was great, but this one is better. There are still some missing parts to the overall puzzle – the skill guys need to be at an Alabama, LSU, Clemson, Ohio State level – but it’s one of the nation’s best collections of young talent. The secondary, defensive tackles, and receiving corps all gets a massive influx of elite talent to think that an LSU-like jump into greatness is soon possible.

5. Florida

It’s more about who Florida didn’t get, but it was still a great class despite missing on good guy after good guy on NSD – especially S Avantae Williams, who went to Miami. Alabama and Georgia are bringing in talent at another level, and LSU is having a big year, but Dan Mullen was able to land a slew of superstar parts for his defense – especially in the secondary – and he stepped up the receiving corps in a big way. There might be more needed at defensive end down the road, but that’s nitpicking. This group is very deep and very talented.

6. Auburn

It’s fantastic, but it’s more cake than frosting with bulk great players and not a whole slew of five-star elites. No, it’s not Georgia’s class or Alabama’s, but it’s more than close enough to keep the Tigers right there to remain a player. It’s a big class full of prospects for every position, with the fewest parts coming in for the offensive backfield, but Bo Nix is already in place at quarterback, and RB Cartavious Bigsby is the star of the class.

7. Tennessee

It’s fantastic. This is what Tennessee fans have been looking for in the rebuild, with a whole lot of good prospects coming in around a few potential superstars. The defensive tackles need to be stars, and Harrison Bailey is the franchise quarterback to crank up the expectations, but the bulk of the class is good across the board. Last year was about the offensive line and the defensive backs. This one is about the linebacking corps and stuffing the run … and Bailey.

8. South Carolina

It’s crazy how this always seems to work for South Carolina as a program, especially when it comes to recruiting. This class would be among the top three in any other Power Five conference, if not top three, and it’s just another National Signing Day in the SEC. With RB MarShawn Lloyd, QB Luke Doty, and DE Jordan Burch, there’s star power, but it’s a deep class beyond just the top guys at receiver, defensive end, and running back.

9. Kentucky

Outstanding, the Wildcats loaded up on the defensive interior and secondary to make an already good defensive program even stronger. It would’ve been nice to have signed on a few more gamebreaking offensive options, but QB Beau Allen is an interesting signing, the offensive linemen are great, and again, those defensive tackles are excellent.

10. Mississippi State

Mike Leach walked into a great situation. Joe Moorhead signed on a nice class of prospect in the early signing period, and then a few good pieces were thrown into the mix on National Signing Day. The biggest piece of the puzzle, though, came from the transfer portal with the signing of Stanford QB KJ Costello, but for the future, this class has a whole lot of receivers and a whole lot of defensive backs. Now, Leach has more talent to work with than he’s used to.

11. Arkansas

It’s not that bad. All things considered, with the Chad Morris fired with part of the season to go, and with Sam Pittman coming in late in the process, there’s a lot of good bodies coming in for a decent-enough class to at least add some depth for the near future. There aren’t any superstars, but there’s a lot for the defense – especially at defensive back – and the bulk to hope for a few to come through.

12. Ole Miss

Matt Luke came up with a nice start, and Lane Kiffin took over and landed just enough good prospects to take the class up a few notches. There aren’t any elite talents to make Alabama and LSU quake, but with a few good running backs, a solid batch of defensive backs, and the ends to get the pass rush going, it’s not a bad start. Just wait for next year once the Lane Train gets rolling on the recruiting path.

13. Vanderbilt

It’s an interesting class with a few nice parts, but the key will be to find a quarterback from the pack. There’s almost nothing for the defensive side – even though S Donovan Kaufman might be the team’s biggest star – but there are plenty of offensive linemen and a few big receivers to throw into the rotation as soon as possible.

14. Missouri

Find guys and keep it moving for a full year of a recruiting cycle. Eliah Drinkwitz has the energy and the recruiting chops, but he didn’t have a whole lot of time to work. The SEC isn’t a nice place to be in the recruiting world even if everything is perfect, much less after a coaching transition. There aren’t any superstars in this class, but with a whole lot of receivers coming in, the coaching staff is starting with playmakers and going from there.

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