SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


What’s Missing From Each Team’s Recruiting Class


Offensive Linemen
Last year was big on talented blockers with enough to form the nucleus for the near-future, and next year will have to be big for the line again. There aren’t any no-brainer superstars among this year’s group.


Wide Receivers
New QB Malik Hornsby needs someone to throw to. Chad Morris went after wide receivers to run his former offense, so there wasn’t much of a need to load up on targets in this year’s class. There are a few versatile athletes signed, but there aren’t any true receivers coming in.


Defensive Backs
The position wasn’t ignored, but for the second straight year there weren’t a whole lot players thrown into the mix for the secondary. The ones signed on were good – they’d be stars on around 85 other teams – but in a very deep, very good class, the secondary didn’t get as many parts.


Running Backs
It’s a relatively easy position to fill, but it’s going to have to be addressed next recruiting season after landing just one running back last year and not doing much for this time around. There are plenty of great young backs already on the roster, but the depth will need to be built up for down the road.


Defensive Ends
It was a big deal in last year’s class with several brought in to load up the position. This year … not so much. This is a fantastic class overall, and the defensive tackles coming in are outstanding, but there isn’t much for the outside.


UK brought in a ton of defensive tackles, but not a whole lot for the pass rush on the outside without a whole bunch happening at defensive end and a light class at linebacker. Last year’s class had the bulk LBs coming in, but there isn’t much this time around.


Defensive Ends
Get ready for the 2021 LSU class to be loaded up with next-level defensive end talent, because the last two haven’t done much for the position. It’s not like the team has an issue – the D has the guys in place – but the ends have to be built up for down the road.

Mississippi State

Offensive Linemen
Joe Moorhead signed a whole lot of them last year and the talent is in place for the new staff to play around with, but there isn’t much in this class. It’s okay, it’s not like the cupboard is bare, but next year’s class will need a whole lot of bodies for 2023 and beyond.


Defensive Ends
The program known for cranking out big-time pass rushers and great linemen will need to find them next year. The 2019 class wasn’t bad at defensive end, but this year’s class is missing the bodies to throw into the rotation. A few more linebackers next year would be nice.

Ole Miss

Wide Receivers
There’s a reason. Last year’s class brought in five new targets along with three quarterbacks. This year, TE DaMarcus Thomas was a great get, but that’s about it for the receivers. Next year, the play of AJ Brown and DK Metcalf in the NFL will help make this a cool place for receivers to go.

South Carolina

Defensive Backs
There were a few good defensive backs brought in last year, but there weren’t a lot of them. The quantity will have to come in next season’s class with only a few signed on this year. The DBs coming in this year are big, and they’re physical, but there aren’t enough of them.


Defensive Backs
The secondary was a major priority in Jeremy Pruitt’s first class, but this one doesn’t have the bulk talent. Keshawn Lawrence is a good prospect among the few options coming in, but the 2019 class will have to be the one that handles the work for a few years.

Texas A&M

At some point, A&M has to sign a five-star talent to run the show. Kellen Mond is around for one more season, 2021 verbal Eli Stowers is promising, and there are plenty of decent young options on the roster – dual-threat talent Haynes King is coming in this year. However, considering the talent at quarterback in last season’s College Football Playoff, A&M needs a superstar under center.


Defensive Linemen
There aren’t any. DE Raashaan Wilkins is the lone end, and there aren’t any true tackles after signing just one last year. The defense as a whole is relatively light on prospects – there’s only one true defensive back coming in – putting the spotlight on next year needing lots and lots of players to develop.

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