SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

SEC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


SEC Recruiting Strengths


Bama hasn’t had problems with talent at linebacker, but a slew of injuries over the last few years have exposed the depth issues. There’s next-level talent across the board, but Chris Braswell and the linebackers being brought in are ready to add depth now.


Defensive Ends
The Hogs are looking to start getting to the passer a little bit, and it starts with throwing bodies at the position. There’s not much being done at defensive tackle, but there are lots and lots of ends to play around with.


Wide Receiver
RB Caravious Bigsby might be the star signing, but the Tigers landed a whole slew of good receivers for young QB Bo Nix to work with. Recruiting to a type, they’re almost all built around 6-3ish and 185ish pounds, and they can all move.


Defensive Backs
The Gators like their DBs. They went big for the secondary last year, and loaded up one of the nation’s biggest class of defensive backs. There’s good size, LOTS of options, and speed, speed and more speed. The coaching staff can do a whole lot of playing around with this group.


Wide Receivers
Go ahead and put the haul of defensive backs and tackles in here if you want. The issues last year at receiver should go away fast, with five fantastic talents coming in to work around established star George Pickens. This is a very big, very talented group that can stretch the field.


Defensive Tackles
Justin Rogers is the star of the show to build the defense around over the next few years, but he’s not alone. The coaching staff brought in other big, agile bodies to load up in the interior. It’s a class of DTs that any SEC team would be happy with.


Several positions are excellent, and the superstars are at defensive back, but when it comes to consistent greatness across a position, the defensive tackles and linebackers got the most help. There isn’t one sure-thing next-level guy in the LB mix, but there are a whole lot of future college football stars.

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Mississippi State

Defensive Backs
The Bulldogs cranked up the receivers for the Mike Leach offense, but they signed on a slew of good defensive backs with a few coming in late to add a whole lot of options to try dealing with the dangerous Alabama and LSU passing attacks. It’s a very deep, very talented group.


Wide Receivers
The new coaching staff wants the playmakers. It’s Missouri, so there are a slew of 6-3ish targets with long frames and catching radiuses. Jay Maclin is the star – and he’s the smallest target on the lot – but there are plenty of talents around him.

Ole Miss

Offensive Linemen
The Rebels went massive on offensive linemen in last year’s class, and they kept it all going with this one. It wasn’t just from the Matt Luke era, Lane Kiffin was able to sign a few of them, too, to fortify the front for the next several years. It was a good class for the infrastructure.

South Carolina

Running Backs
Get the ground game going. That seems to be the call with a class or three strong running backs – including one amazing one in MarShawn Lloyd – to potentially step in right away and transform the offense and the team.


Defensive Tackles
There are only a two brought in, but they’re the key to the class, Dominic Bailey and Omari Thomas have the size and the upside to be the anchor for the defense over the next few years. There’s bulk on the O line, and the defensive ends are good, but if the tackles are great, this class will be a massive success.

Texas A&M

Defensive Tackles
The foundation for the defense is set for the next several years with four 300+ pound tackles coming in to rotate in the defensive interior. McKinnley Jackson is a Coke machine for the middle of the line, but he’s not alone. Combined with last year’s line, and the addition of end Donell Harris – the defensive front will be special.


The program has to get more production from the quarterback, and it’s throwing lots of picks at the problem. Four quarterbacks are signed on. They’re all tall, big, and can move. The faster a freshman can grab the starting job and develop – Kentucky and JUCO transfer Danny Clark is in the mix – the better.

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