San Francisco vs Kansas City Super Bowl Prop Bets, Totals, Prediction, Final Thoughts

San Francisco vs Kansas City Super Bowl Prop Bets, Totals, Prediction, Final Thoughts


San Francisco vs Kansas City Super Bowl Prop Bets, Totals, Prediction, Final Thoughts


The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice for the San Francisco vs Kansas City Super Bowl to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

San Francisco vs. Kansas City Super Bowl LIV

Date: Sunday, February 2
Game Time: 6:30 ET
Live Stream: fuboTV (click to watch for free)
Venue: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL
Network: FOX
Tickets: Save $100 on SF vs. KC Tickets Here

Final Thoughts

After the Kobe tragedy, the virus that’s going to require a complete rebranding of Corona beers, and whatever the hell this “trial” thing is …


But all of a sudden, it’s just sort of … here.

The NFL insider guys I work with and know can’t wait. This is going to be fascinating, if only because of the power and defense of San Francisco contrasting the flash-and-dash of Kansas City.

This might be the moment when Patrick Mahomes becomes America’s biggest sports superstar, or it could be when the 49ers prove there’s still a place for an older school brand of ball.

Here’s the general vibe I’m getting. The guys who do what I do on the pro side love Mahomes, love Andy Reid, and would love to see the Chiefs win because these are good dudes and this would be a great story. HOWEVER …

The football side of these same guys seems to like the idea of San Francisco winning, just because of the style it plays. With all that said …

The whole Miami NFL experience appears to be one giant cliché that has nothing to do with the game itself, but … that’s the Super Bowl. That’s part of the outsized fun of the whole thing. But about the game …

What’s going to happen? What are the fun prop bets and other things the investment community can get in on?

Here we go.

San Francisco vs Kansas City, The Final Prediction Is …

The line is irrelevant – the 1.5 given up by Kansas City shouldn’t sway you. It started out at 1.5 and the 54 point total, and it hasn’t budged. I’m all in on the belief of San Francisco pulling this off in a game slightly lower-scoring than expected.

The defense with two weeks to prepare, and a stronger-than-you-think game from Jimmy Garoppolo, will be enough.

San Francisco vs Kansas City Money Line

Yeah, if you like San Francisco, then yeah, of course getting the +105 your way isn’t all that bad.

San Francisco vs Kansas City Main BetMGM Odds XXX

– If you like San Francisco to win, then of course you go for the value of thinking it can pull this off by at least three. Niners -3.5 at +165 is fantastic, but …

– If you REALLY like San Francisco and think there might be a shot that the impossible could happen – sort of like what Seattle did against Peyton Manning and the unstoppable Denver offense in XLVIII – then San Francisco +360 is terrific. HOWEVER …

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– Kansas City -11.5 at a +400? I LOVE the idea of going completely the other way if you sort of like the Chiefs – of course Mahomes & Auto can roll by more than two touchdowns if the machine gets rolling.

San Francisco vs Kansas City Winning Margin, including OT

Seriously? If you like San Francisco, the value here is amazing. Here’s the pecking order for what appear to be the best values.
1. San Francisco by 7-12 +475
2. Kansas City by 13-18 +825
3. San Francisco by 1-6 +325
4. San Francisco by 13-18 +900
5. Kansas City by 1-6 +310
6. Kansas City by 19-24 +1400

San Francisco vs Kansas City Point Totals

Yeah, the Chiefs rolled through their two playoff games at home with the point totals of 82 against the Texans and 59 against the Titans, but over the last six games of the regular season they failed to get past 52.

The 49ers and Packers got to 57, but the win over the Vikings only totaled 37.  It’s not like San Francisco can’t and doesn’t get into shootouts, but four of the last six games didn’t come close to hitting the 52 mark.

So … if you like the under and are still hurting from last year’s Super Bowl, go under 52 or lower.

The only real value on unders is +105 at 52.5, and +48.5 at +155. All of the value is on the overs of 55.5 or more.

It’s hard to have fun on the unders, and it’s fun to hope for the way, way over.

Two of the last four San Francisco regular season games rolled well into the 60s, and Kansas City will be happy to do its part if this gets going. It’s teasing you … over 63.5 at +220.

San Francisco vs Kansas City Prop Bets

Don’t do this unless you intend to give away your money, but to have some fun …

Will the team to score the first points win the game? No +150

Which team will commit the first turnover? Kansas City -106

Will the game go into overtime? Always go for the stupid value. Yes +1150

How many yards with the shortest touchdown in the game be? Over 1.5 +110

San Francisco vs Kansas City Super Bowl MVP

It’s all good value. It’s not going to be Raheem Mostert, an it’s almost certainly not going be a tight end. Other than that, when it comes to value …

1. Jimmy Garoppolo +275
2. Patrick Mahomes +115 (if you like Kansas City, don’t be afraid to take the free money on this)
3. Tyrann Mathieu +5000 (if he picks off two passes … )
4. Richard Sherman +2500 (again, if he picks off two passes … )
5. Nick Bosa +1600

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