Recruiting 2020: 5 Teams Crushing It This Recruiting Season

Recruiting 2020: 5 Teams Crushing It This Recruiting Season

2020 Recruiting

Recruiting 2020: 5 Teams Crushing It This Recruiting Season


2. Maryland Terrapins

Mike Locksley has had a rough run as a college football head coach.

He went 2-26 at New Mexico, struggled in his first interim stint at Maryland in 2015 going 1-5, and last year he went 3-9 with a team that got worse and worse as the season went on.

Even though there’s still a question mark about whether or not one of the best assistants in college football over the last several years can start winning, he deserves a massive break considering the rough state the Maryland program was in after the tragedy that was 2018.

But this might be the recruiting class and the time when everything starts to turn. Part of the appeal of Locksley was his reputation as one of the elite of the elite recruiters, especially in the Baltimore-Washington DC area. With this class, he’s been able to go national, too.

He didn’t have the guys at New Mexico, and he didn’t have the guys so far ay Maryland. Now he’s getting the guys to show what he can really do.

It all starts with WR Rakim Jarrett, a DC native who was a lock for Ohio State, in the mix at Clemson, and committed to LSU. Now he’s a Terp.

And why not? Locksley was a huge part worked with the receivers at Alabama and became the offensive coordinator of one of the greatest offensive juggernauts in college football history.

The running backs are rolling in, enough good defensive backs are being signed on to make a big difference, and go ahead and throw in a few excellent JUCO talents to add to the rotation on the defensive side.

This is going to be an interesting team over the next few years.

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