Pac-12 Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know

Pac-12 Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know


Pac-12 Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know


1. 2020 Pac-12 schedule winners and losers

The Pac-12 is such an even conference with so many weird twists and turns – like Arizona State keeping Oregon out of the Pac-12 title – that scheduling isn’t quite as huge as it is in other leagues. But there are still winners and losers.

Winner: Arizona. There’s no excuse for a bad season. The Hawaii game is at home, the tough non-conference game is against a Texas Tech team that didn’t go bowling last year, and USC, Oregon, and Arizona State are all at home. Five of the nine conference dates are in Tucson.

Loser: USC. Start with Alabama in Arlington to kick things off, Notre Dame at the end, and in between the Oregon and Utah games are on the road. To make matters worse,  missing Oregon State and Washington State from the North stinks. On the plus side, there aren’t back-to-back road games.

Winner: Washington State. If you’re a team in the North, you want Oregon and Washington at home – check. You’d like to miss Utah from the South, but if you can’t you want that at home, too – check. You’d also like to miss USC – check. Yeah, there’s a run of three road games in four dates, but the non-conference slate is at Utah State, Houston, Idaho.

Loser: Stanford. How’s this for a run? USC, and then three road games in four dates – at UCLA, at Notre Dame, Washington State, then at Oregon. Throw in a trip to Washington, and it’s going to be a trying first nine games. However, the Cardinal don’t leave the area – the one road game is at Cal – for the last three games of the season.

And finally …

Winner/Loser: Oregon.

It’s a problem to face North Dakota State – BE CAREFUL OF THIS – and Ohio State to start the year, and Hawaii won’t be a pushover. However, all three games are at home.

Playing USC from the South is tough, but that’s at home, and missing Utah is great.

Five of the last nine games are on the road, but Washington is a home game. The last two games are on the road, but two of the first three against Colorado and Arizona are against teams that didn’t go bowling last year.

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