Pac-12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

Pac-12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

Pac-12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


What’s Missing From Each Team’s Recruiting Class


Defensive Backs
There isn’t a lot for anyone position, but just two true defensive backs were signed after just four were signed last season. With several Pac-12 teams loading up in the secondary, the Wildcats will need a lot more options in next year’s class.

Arizona State

Offensive Linemen 
Just two were brought in, and neither one is a sure-thing to make a whole lot of noise. There isn’t much for the defensive line, but the offensive line was the lightest area coming off a year when five blockers were signed.


Offensive Linemen 
It’s a big class for several positions, but not for the offensive front. 6-8 tackle prospect Everett Johnson is the lone blocker signed on, and that’s after the Bears signed just four offensive linemen in 2019. There will be plenty coming in next year.


Defensive Backs
Here’s where Colorado has to hit really, really hard in next year’s class. It’s been a while since the program was able to load up for the secondary, and the two being brought in aren’t elite. Jaylen Striker, though, is a JUCO transfer who could be thrown into the mix right away.


Wide Receivers
Kris Hutson has the talent to eventually be a starter and a big-time producer, but he’s it. The receiving corps is more than fine after a big haul of star talents last year, but there isn’t much there for the passing game this time around. That’s nitpicking in this amazing class.

Oregon State

Skill Players
The Beavers will have to find more defensive tackles – there were a few signed on last year – but they need more weapons going forward after picking up just one running back and one receiver. Only one prospect was signed for each position last year, too.


The Cardinal will need them next year. Only two were signed in the 2019 class, and there weren’t any inked this year. With only one defensive end, and no linebackers, there isn’t much happening for the pass rush. However, two defensive tackles are coming in.


Offensive Linemen
There’s not a whole lot for the offensive as a whole. There weren’t a ton brought in last season, and only two were signed this time around. The bigger problem is that the two need a whole lot of weight room time and development – they won’t be ready for a few years, if at all.


Defensive Backs
There’s a reason – nine were signed last year. There wasn’t much of anything for the defense with no linebackers – that’s an issue with just two in the 2019 class – and three defensive linemen. The star power – and the live bodies – are missing from the offensive side.


Offensive Linemen 
Utah never has a problem restocking the shelves for the offensive front, and that’s going to need to happen next year. Just two were brought in this season in a very, very light overall class of offensive prospects.


Defensive Linemen
There aren’t any outside of the team’s best signing, DE Sav’ell Smalls. Last year the Huskies loaded up on defensive tackle prospects, and they found a few ends, too. Next season has to be about fortifying the D line and also find a few more linebackers.

Washington State

Defensive Tackles
They’re tough to find, so you need to throw a bunch of live bodies at the problem. There weren’t any defensive tackles in last year’s class, and 260-pound Nathaniel James is the only one signed on this season.

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