Pac-12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

Pac-12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

Pac-12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


Pac-12 Recruiting Strengths


Offensive Backfield
It’s all relative considering that no position received a whole lot of incoming talent, but the backfield should be most promising group with QB Will Plummer and running backs Jalen John and Frank Brown the potential stars to build the O around.

Arizona State

Wide Receivers
The secondary and linebackers are getting their share of prospects, and there’s plenty of options for other spots, but the pass catchers are the stars. The wide receivers are the most talented prospects – starting with Chad Johnson Jr. – along with a few tight ends.


Skill Players
The defense is always going to be strong under Justin Wilcox, but the offense has to be more consistent. With two quarterbacks, two running backs, four wide receivers and two tight ends, the Bears are boosting up the talent to start keeping up the pace.


Defensive Ends
A defensive-minded head coach like Mel Tucker is going to want as many disruptive forces as possible. He only got one defensive end in last year’s class, and he made up for it this time around with five coming in from all over the country, including JUCO transfer Justin Jackson and 6-7 Devin Grant.


It’s not the deepest position in this recruiting class, but it’s the most talented. Only three linebackers were signed, and Jackson LaDuke is a fantastic one – he’s not even close to being the best prospect among the three. Noah Sewell is the big thumper, and Justin Flowe is the all-around game-changer.

Oregon State

Defensive Backs
It’s the one area that’s enjoyed the biggest boost over the last two recruiting classes. The Beavers keep finding options for the secondary to rotate in, hitting the JUCO ranks for some parts to step in instantly. Overall, this is a very tall, very big group – OSU recruited defensive backs to a type.


Offensive Linemen
The secondary is loaded with new talent, and there’s a lot to like at running back, but Stanford is a factory for offensive line talent. It’s not the killer class of blockers that signed in 2017, but the five signed – starting with Myles Hinton – are good enough to form the Pac-12’s best group of O linemen.


The defensive ends are okay, two kickers are coming in, and the defensive backs are interesting, but this class is all about the linebackers. Damian Sellers is the best of the five that all have good size, frames, and can move a bit. This group has to be the nucleus in the rebuild.


Offensive Linemen
In a tough recruiting year for the program, Clay Helton and the staff needed offensive linemen after signing two last year, and they got them. They threw bodies at the position with six blockers signed, but none of them are special prospects. There’s going to be a whole lot of developing to do.


Defensive Ends
Take your pick. The defensive backs are loaded in this class with plenty of options to work around Clark Phillips and Nate Ritchie – the two top gets for the secondary. Defensive end was a need after only signing one last year, and head coach Kyle Whittigham inked our, starting with pass rushers Xavier Carlton and Van Fillinger.


Pass Catchers
After a relatively light class last year, the Huskies brought in several terrific prospects to get the passing game rolling. Jalen McMillan is the star among the wide receivers, and Mark Redman is a ready-made tight end who should quickly be on the depth chart.

Washington State

Wide Receivers
Shock of shocks, Washington State likes lots of receivers. However, it needed them. Last year was a little light on the pass catchers, and this recruiting season old coaching staff pulled in four 6-0ish, 170ish pound route-runners to  throw onto the WR pile.

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