Big Ten College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

Big Ten College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

Big Ten College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


What’s Missing From Each Team’s Recruiting Class


Wide Receivers 
The team has options on the roster, but there aren’t a slew of young parts. Missing out on Jadon Thompson – who picked Cincinnati – stings, and now there aren’t any true targets coming in. Even worse, there wasn’t much in lsat year’s class to count on.


Defensive Tackles
And there’s a reason. The defensive ends are promising, but there isn’t much for the linebacking corps. The hope has to be for the six defensive tackles signed on last season to show up large this year, because there’s nothing in this year’s class for the interior.


Wide Receivers 
Where are the deep play pass catchers? Iowa is loading up on tight ends with five signed over the last two years, but only two okay receiver prospects were brought in. The offense always finds production out of the guys they have, but a killer No. 1 would be nice.


The Terps need more of versatile linebackers and more options to play around with. They only signed one last year, and they only signed two this season. However, one of them is a JUCO transfer who’ll be a part of the depth chart right away.


Defensive Tackles
The Wolverines signed two stars for the defensive interior in last year’s class, but it would’ve still been nice to come up with a few options this year to go along with a great group of linebackers and ends.

Michigan State

Defensive Tackles
This has to be addressed in 2021. There weren’t any defensive tackles signed over the last two years, with almost all of the attention paid to the ends for the line. The situation is hardly dire, but the interior will be the main area of focus.


Defensive Tackles
There’s no beef coming in. Last year’s class had a few 290-pounders signed on, but there’s nothing to work around in this year’s bunch. 255-pound Ali Saad is the only tackle signed in a class loaded with defensive ends and linebackers.


Offensive Linemen
The infrastructure was a big part of last year’s class with six offensive linemen signed on. The quantity is missing this year with just two signed, but Turner Corcoran is better than anyone from 2019 – Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State and Oklahoma were battling for him.


Wide Receivers
You’d think that the team that couldn’t do anything with the offense would’ve loaded up with as many new prospects as possible to get the passing game going, but there aren’t any signed on. The two tight ends look the part and are promising, but next year has to be about the wideouts.

Ohio State

Defensive Tackles 
There aren’t any, and last year the Buckeyes signed only one. Boo hoo – the Buckeyes are loaded everywhere else – and the only reason there aren’t parts for the interior is because they’re not needed. Next-level prospect Michael Hall is already verballed for next year.

Penn State

Offensive Backfield
It’s a HUGE class with a little something for everything, but there isn’t a whole lot being done at quarterback or running back. Last year’s class signed on two quarterbacks and two elite running back prospects, and there wasn’t much of a need for more bodies. QB Micah Bowens and RB Caziah Holmes were the only players signed for the backfield.


Defensive Linemen
Defensive end Greg Hudgins is one of the team’s top gets, but overall it’s a light class for the defensive front. The Boilermakers loaded up last year at end, but the defensive tackles have to come in over the next few classes to beef up the interior.


There weren’t a lot in last year’s class, and Jack Del Rio is the only one signed on. There’s no relation to the former star linebacker and coach of the same name, and he’s it. There’s a little bit for the defensive line, but not enough. Next year, Greg Schiano has to rock the defensive front seven.


Running Back
It continues to be one of the biggest mysteries in the recruiting world – why doesn’t Wisconsin land the five-star of five-star running back prospects? Considering the program has produced all-time college superstars over the last 25 years, it shouldn’t be this hard. Jalen Berger is a nice prospect, but the Badgers had to battle with Rutgers to close the New Jersey native. He was the lone running back signed.

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