Big Ten College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

Big Ten College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

Big Ten College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


Big Ten Recruiting Strengths


Defensive Tackles
It’s time for the defense to get even nastier against the run. Lovie Smith’s defense needs more talent in the interior to be disruptive and tough, and three solid tackle prospects are coming in.


Offensive Linemen
The Hoosiers are looking to block someone. After signing four offensive linemen in last year’s class, they brought in six blockers this year. There aren’t many sure-thing prospects – Kahlil Benson isn’t far off – but there are a whole lot of options to find a few that will will work.


Defensive Ends
The Hawkeyes are apparently really, really interested at getting into the backfield and being more disruptive. A defensive linemen were brought in last year, but this season the pass rushers are coming in droves with seven ends signed, starting with potential hybrid terror Deontae Craig.


Wide Receivers
The coaching staff went after playmakers to upgrade the struggling passing game, and it hit a home run. Rakim Jarrett was a special signing, but he’s not alone with three other very good Big Ten-caliber targets to throw into the mix. It’s an offense-changing haul of talent.


Apparently, Michigan would like to do even more on defense. After signing just two linebackers last season, six were brought in this year starting with Kalel Mullings along with a whole slew of other guided missiles. There aren’t a lot of thumpers, but this group can move.

Michigan State

Defensive End
Throw in the four linebackers signed on, and the Spartans got a whole lot of help for the defensive front. Mark Dantonio always liked to come up with pass rushing options to keep flowing through the mix, and he got four of them in a strength-in-numbers sort of way – there aren’t a ton big-time talents, though.


Defensive Ends
Throw in the outside linebacker prospects, too, considering how they’re all used in the Gopher defensive system. The defensive ends are the main men in the class with five coming with them all around 6-4ish and around 235. The pass rush should keep rolling.

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Wide Receivers
The defensive linemen are coming in droves, but it’s time for the Scott Frost offense to go to another level, and it’s going to start with Zavier Betts, Omar Manning and a loaded group of pass catchers to be thrown to the wolves right away.


Defensive Backs
Last year’s class was loaded with lots and lots of parts for the secondary, and now the program is bringing in reinforcements. This is going to be a very athletic, very quick defense with all of the defensive backs, but there’s more size with this bunch.

Ohio State

Offensive Linemen
The superstars are at wide receiver, but the bulk talent is for an offensive line that was already amazing last year, and should be phenomenal for years to come with this group. OT Paris Johnson is the headliner, but all six blockers are good enough to be major factors.

Penn State

Pass Catchers
Last year’s class was a bit light on wide receivers, and this year makes up for it with five wideouts and two fantastic tight ends. There isn’t a talent at the level that John Dunmore was considered in last season’s class, but it’s a quantity haul of talent, and TE Theo Johnson has next-level upside.


Wide Receivers
Linebacker isn’t far behind, but the wide receivers are the stars with four good ones to rival the talent of the great 2019 class. Three were signed last year, and this year’s group is good enough to make the offense even nastier.


Pass Catchers
Not even including all of the hybrid athletes who could fit at either defensive back or receiver, the Scarlet Knights were able to do a bunch for the passing game with a few promising tight ends and three big receivers. They’ll all get every opportunity to see time right away.


The reputation is starting to grow. The linebackers in the Badger 3-4 system are superstars, and they’re finding homes in the NFL to go along with the gaudy college stats. Five linebackers were signed, and while they’re all built like big safeties and have to beef up a bit, the pass rushers are there.

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