American Athletic College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

American Athletic College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

American Athletic College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


2020 American Athletic Recruiting Rankings

No, really. How good were the American Athletic Conference classes this 2020 recruiting season?

1. Cincinnati

There’s just a bit more high-end talent than what UCF was able to bring in, and there are several ready-made parts about to make a splash. The 2021 class will need defensive tackles and running backs, but this group has several possible all-stars and enough difference-makers to stay in the AAC title hunt.

2. UCF

There might not be many superstars, but there are more excellent prospects coming in than any other school was able to get other than Cincinnati. As always, there’s plenty of speed coming in, but this class is a bit more for the lines and the secondary than it is about the flash. However, there’s no real nitpicking – the staff brought in more talent than most AAC teams could hope to get.

3. Tulane

It’s one of the program’s stronger classes in a while. Willie Fritz was able to land several excellent local talents, the quarterbacks brought in are as good as any signed on in the AAC, and a few nice parts for the defensive front should quickly boost the pass rush. There’s a whole lot to like.

4. East Carolina

Mike Houston and his staff did a terrific job. There are plenty of quarterback prospects, the defensive line was built up big, there are pass rushers, there are decent talents, and there are just enough good live bodies to create several position battles. It’s a bit of a strength-in-numbers class, but ECU needed just that.

5. Temple

Rod Carey had a year to work after being thrown to the recruiting wolves last year, and it shows with a decent class that’s a whole lot stronger and more promising than the 2019 version. There’s not a ton for the offensive backfield, but the lines are solid and the overall talent level gets a boost.

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6. Memphis

There was a little bit of a slip in the coaching transition, but new head man Ryan Silverfield was able keep the momentum going from the great classes brought in by Mike Norvell to put together a decent first haul. As always there are a few prospects that few others in the AAC could even think about getting, but there aren’t enough players to make a massive splash.

7. USF

New head man Jeff Scott hasn’t had a whole lot of time to work, but he was able to scrape together a nice class with a whole lot for the passing game. Next year will need a haul for the offensive line, and a few thumpers from the defensive side need to emerge, but all things considered, this isn’t awful considering how far behind the staff was.

8. Navy

It’s yet another class full of guys who fit the system. Navy brings in a bazillion prospects who will end up doing things that are far more important than playing football, and it finds just enough talent to go through the system to make it all work out. The lack of raw bulk could be a problem, but as always, there are a whole lot of shifty-quick guys to be rotated in. There just aren’t many sure-thing stars.

9. SMU

It’s more solid than splashy. It’s an okay class on quality, but there isn’t enough bulk talent for other spots to get all that excited. The offensive line received the most attention – Sonny Dykes didn’t do much for the skill spots – and the defense has a few good pieces, but overall it’s not as strong as last year’s class.

10. Houston

Call the Houston recruiting class a work in progress. Dana Holgorsen is making move for the quick-fixes from the JUCO and transfer worlds to turn things around in a hurry, and the young talents from the high school ranks are just okay. To be fair, the program is loaded with transfers and parts that redshirted last year to build up for 2020. The recruiting game is changing.

11. Tulsa

A few nice parts are coming in to fill in the gaps, and it’s a class full of enough diversity to bring a little depth for several spots. There are a few good targets coming in, and on sheer numbers it’s a decent class in the AAC, but it’s quantity above quality.


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