ACC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

ACC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

ACC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


2020 ACC Recruiting Rankings

No, really. How good were the ACC classes this 2020 recruiting season?

1. Clemson

It’s not just the best recruiting class in the ACC, but it might be the best in all of college football. Last year’s class was bigger, but not quite as good. This one is a THING, with QB DJ Uiagalelei, RB Demarkcus Bowman, and DT Bryan Bresee all special, NFL-caliber prospects as good as any in the national 2020 class. There are at least six other prospects who’d by the get of all gets for most other schools.

2. Miami

There we go. Last year’s class was a bit light because of the coaching change – which happened after the early signing period, though – and because of a slew of transfers coming in. Manny Diaz and his staff did a fantastic job this time around with the talent to make a big push to be the big dog in the Coastal – eventually. The secondary is full of potential stars, the offense got its pop, and this was a class the program desperately needed.

3. Florida State

Give Willie Taggart a whole lot of credit. He was brought to FSU partly because he’s a brilliant salesman and recruiter, and he set the tone for a good recruiting class despite the coaching change. Even with the lull before the hiring of Mike Norvell, there was a nice base, and the new staff was able to land just enough good parts to come up with one of the ACC’s better classes. However, FSU had better return to the elite recruiting level again fast to get back in the chase with Clemson.

4. North Carolina

And that’s Mack Brown being Mack Brown. He rallied late to come up with a good class last year, but this year’s group is something special. The receivers coming in are amazing, the defensive ends are big and really talented, and overall, this was a differentiating class that should make North Carolina a major player to push for the No. 2 team in the ACC for the next few years.

5. Georgia Tech

Head coach Geoff Collins had a year to work, and he had an easy sales pitch – the team still needs more talent to make the turn from the old option offense to a more balanced attack, and the defense has to do a whole lot more. There’s a ton coming in for the passing game, the offensive front is getting more help, and there are plenty of prospects for the pass rush.

6. NC State

It’s okay. Last year’s class had more high-end talents, but this one is about strength in numbers. The Pack needed more receivers, so the coaching staff bombed away at the position with several options. Offensive linemen, defensive ends, and defensive backs – there was a need to fill, and the Pack did it in bulk – that’s not a bad thing. Quantity for a position is never a bad thing.

7. Louisville

After last year’s disastrous recruiting class – the coaching change coming off the miserable final year under Bobby Petrino had a lot to do with that. With time to prepare, Scott Satterfield boosted up the receiving corps, came up with a few talented linebackers, and made a good push with a whole lot of talent across the board to build around for the next few years.

8. Pitt

It’s par for the course for the program. Pitt doesn’t bring in the big-time stars under Pat Narduzzi, and they aren’t there this time around, either. The top talents are at wide receiver, but it’s a varied class that sprinkles a little bit for most positions. However, there’s no bulk for the lines. The offensive front doesn’t have a ton of talent coming in, and there’s nothing at defensive tackle.

9. Virginia

It’s a little lacking overall, but there’s little waste. The last few classes brought in a whole slew of live bodies. This one is more about landing better talents and not simply adding more options. The defense got the most key parts with some nice pass rushers and a few big defensive backs – there’s a lot of size among the various positions. Next year’s class, though, needs to bring more offensive pop.

10. Duke

It’s okay. Duke will never compete with the big boys in the ACC when it comes to getting the top talent, but it’s a good class with a whole lot for the offense, some nice linebackers, and enough solid prospects to work into the rotation. The real get was in the transfer portal with Clemson QB Chase Brice coming in, but freshman Luca Diamont will be a factor in a few years.

11. Syracuse

There aren’t any superstars to do cartwheels over, but overall it’s a stronger class than last year with a better base of talent coming in. There are position holes – there aren’t any running backs or defensive tackles to get fired up about – but the receivers are there after not doing much for the spot last year, and the defensive backs are okay. There’s a lot of versatility to play around with.

12. Boston College

All things considered, it’s not a bad class. Boston College doesn’t go get the top stars anyway, and those who wanted to be an Eagle under the former regime are – for the most part – sticking with the new energy under head coach Jeff Hafley. The lines are going to need more pop next year, but there’s just enough talent coming in to match up well with what the program did over the last few years.

13. Wake Forest

It’s a typical Wake Forest class. Get a lot of guys who can do a lot of things, and the move them to spots that might work. The offense got a few good skill parts, and the offensive line got a boost, but as always under Dave Clawson the goal is to find as many good, smart athletes who can fit the schemes. This class does that.

14. Virginia Tech

There just isn’t a whole lot coming in. It’s not only a smallish class, but there aren’t a slew of top-shelf talents to rely on. Last year, Justin Fuente came up with a big class with a whole lot of good prospects to rally around, but that’s going to need to happen next year. Outside of the defensive ends, there’s not a lot here.

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