ACC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

ACC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

2020 Recruiting

ACC College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


What’s Missing From Each Team’s Recruiting Class

Boston College

Defensive Linemen 
There isn’t much coming in with this class. Last year’s group of recruits did a nice job with a few defensive tackles and promising hybrid ends. This year there isn’t anyone who should be anything more than a backup.


Defensive Ends
It’s all relative. Myles Murphy is an NFL defensive end who’ll likely make an instant impact, but he’s about it for the pass rushers. After a deep group coming in last year, the Tigers didn’t need a whole slew of ends.


Defensive Ends
There’s a reason – the program signed on five pass rushers in last year’s class. A few nice defensive tackles are coming in, and Michael Reese is a good-looking hybrid option who could work as an outside linebacker as well as an end.

Florida State

Defensive Tackles
There’s a lot for most of the other key positions, but after only bringing in one defensive tackle last year, there wasn’t much for the D line this year. The bulk talent for the interior needs to be a part of next year’s recruiting season.

Georgia Tech

Defensive Tackles
There are a ton of defensive ends coming in, but not a whole lot for the interior of the defensive line. There wasn’t much in last year’s class, and there isn’t much in this year’s haul. Next year the beef has to arrive to gum things up.


Defensive Ends
There weren’t a whole lot in last year’s recruiting class, and there aren’t enough in this year’s class to make a difference. The defensive tackles are fine, but next season the outside linebackers and playmakers behind the line have to come in.


Defensive Tackles
Last year’s class got the young parts to help occupy the middle of the line for the next few years. There wasn’t a true defensive tackle in the early signing period, and there’s a trickle coming in late. The ends are fantastic, but next year the Cane D needs the anchors.

North Carolina

This will be Job One in next year’s class. Only one was signed last year, and while Ethan West is a promising prospect, there wasn’t much in this class. It’s not like the deep group of defensive ends are hybrids, either.

NC State

Running Backs
There’s a reason – Dave Doeren signed three very good ones last year. This year’s class needed help for the passing game and needed more offensive line prospects, but there aren’t any backs being brought in to mount any sort of a challenge.


Offensive Linemen
The Panthers are going to need a bulk class of blockers next year. They only signed two offensive linemen last year, and they’re only bringing in a few this season, too. They’re very big with starting ability, but a strength in numbers haul is coming.


Running Backs
Only one was signed last year, and there aren’t any in this class to make a difference for the running game. The passing game got the most attention, but the ground attack will need a little help next year.


Offensive Linemen
The best player in the class might be Andrew Gentry, but there aren’t a slew of prospects for the offensive line. There were a few brought in last year, but not enough to have bulk options going forward. Next year’s class has to come up with a whole lot of options for the future.

Virginia Tech

Offensive Linemen 
There aren’t a slew of defensive tackles, but that was last year’s class. This time around, the offensive line is missing without a few coming in and no certain starters for down the road. There will be other key parts needing to be addressed next season – defensive backs, defensive tackles – but finding blockers will be a must.

Wake Forest

There’s a chance that a few of the hybrid athletes coming in can bulk up a bit and work at linebacker, but the program is going to need more true players for the position. There were a few safety-sized linebackers in last year’s class, and there isn’t a true thumper in this one.

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