5 Reasons Why You Will Love The 2020 College Football Season

5 Reasons Why You Will Love The 2020 College Football Season

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5 Reasons Why You Will Love The 2020 College Football Season


 1. The 2020 college football season is going to be WIDE open … to a point

Okay, fine. We already know that the College Football Playoff final four is going to be Clemson, Ohio State, SEC champion, and one team among SEC team with one loss/Oregon/Oklahoma.

Yippee. Let’s just cut to the chase already.

But even though the 2019 CFP was insanely predictable – accounting for the SEC champion being LSU and not Alabama – there was at least a whole lot of hope.

Forgetting for a moment how horrible the games likely would’ve been if any of these upstarts had made it in, Baylor was an overtime against Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship away from being the cannon fodder for LSU.

Minnesota had a shot at getting to the Big Ten championship with a chance at the CFP had it gotten past Wisconsin in the snow on the final day of the regular season.

Utah was a Pac-12 Championship win away from at least making a case for the fourth spot in the playoff, and Alabama probably would’ve kept out Oklahoma had it not gacked away the Iron Bowl against Auburn.

So while it’s easy to get cynical and assume that the biggest of big boys, who just came up with the biggest of big recruiting classes, will all be in VIPest of sections at the club, remember that last year at this time we were all worried about how boring things would be as Alabama and Clemson ripped through their respective seasons.

Granted, substitute Alabama for LSU, but it was still a wild ride.

Also, last year at this time if you were told that Baylor, Minnesota, and Utah would all be major players in the College Football Playoff chase …

Spring practice began at UConn last week.

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