2020 NFL Combine: Wide Receiver Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For

2020 NFL Combine: Wide Receiver Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For

2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Combine: Wide Receiver Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For


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Rankings and what to watch for out of all the Wide Receiver prospects invited to the 2020 NFL Combine.

2020 NFL Combine: Wide Receiver

Date: Thursday, February 27: Wide Receivers
Live Stream: fuboTV (click to watch for free)
Venue: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
Network: NFL Network

From the college perspective. here are rankings and quick looks at all of the wide receivers invited to the 2020 NFL Combine.

Before getting into the top five breakdown, here’s a ranking of the best of the rest and what to look for.

2020 Pre-NFL Combine Wide Receiver Best of the Rest Rankings

Number in parentheses is the projected round drafted before the NFL Combine.

50. KJ Osborn, Miami 6-0, 206 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Does he have the raw tools? He’s not a deep threat at the next level, and he’s more of a reliable inside target than a thriller. He’ll likely have to stick on a roster as a special teamer.

49. Chris Finke, Notre Dame 5-10, 184 (Free Agent) 
NFL Combine What Matters: Can he make it as a punt returner? He’s a smallish, shifty receiver who can find his way open, but he’ll need to latch on as a special teamer. His quickness will be everything in his workout.

48. Cody White, Michigan State 6-3, 215 (Free Agent) 
NFL Combine What Matters: The looks are there with a great size and perfect NFL look, but he’s just not fast enough – at least, he doesn’t appear to be – to grow into an NFL playmaker. That can all change with one fantastic 40 time.

47. Jeff Thomas, Miami 5-10, 174 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: He’s really fast, and he’s got the upside to be a good value late deep threat pick, but he’s inconsistent and he wasn’t nearly productive enough. With him, the interview process will mean everything, considering question marks stemming from a suspension.

46. Kendrick Rogers, Texas A&M 6-4, 204 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: While he’s got the size and he has a whole lot of playmaking upside, but he just never put it all together. He’ll time and test well enough to make scouts look harder at the tape, but he needs to play up to his size.

45. Darnell Mooney, Tulane 5-11, 175 (Free Agent) 
NFL Combine What Matters: While he’s not a volume catcher at the next level, he’s a deep threat who could latch on as a No. 4 outside target. There’s no physical aspect to his game – he’s all about the speed and quickness.

44. Darrell Stewart, Michigan State 6-2, 216 (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: A sturdy, dependable receiver with good size and a physical style that some will love, he’s not going to blow the doors off the combine, but he’s athletic enough to deserve a long look.

43. Binjimen Victor, Ohio State 6-4, 199 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Get ready for him to generate a buzz. He’s got all the athleticism everyone wants, all the size, and the great catching radius, but he wasn’t productive enough. He needs to look like a guy worth developing.

42. Austin Mack, 6-1, 215 Ohio State (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Never really healthy, he wasn’t as productive as he should’ve been. However, he could be a free agent steal with the NFL look and tools needed to be worth developing.

41. Juwan Johnson, Oregon 6-4, 231 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: The Penn State transfer has terrific size and is more than physical enough, but he’s always been banged up and he’s never quite been able to bust out on a consistent basis. He might make a roster as a tweener who could be used as a second receiving tight end.

40. Joe Reed, Virginia 6-1, 215 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: A tough reliable short-range receiver, his NFL future will likely start out as a kick returner. He needs to dominate in the quickness drills and potentially be something of a downhill target.

39. Dezmon Patmon, Washington State 6-4, 228 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Is there any NFL quickness or speed to his game? He was a fine route-runner in the Wazzu offense, and he’s reliable when he has to battle for the ball, but he might just be a good short-range target prospect.

38. Tyrie Cleveland, Florida 6-2, 205 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: He’s got the size and the tools, but he didn’t produce nearly enough as he needed to with the Gators – catching just 25 passes for 351 yards and a score last year. He’ll look great, but something has to be otherworldly about the workout to get drafted.

37. Tony Brown, Colorado 6-1, 195 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: A nice route-runner who isn’t going to blow the doors off a defense, he’s a shifty player who might stick as a No. 3 midrange target. He has to show a draftable tool and not be just another guy.

36. Aaron Parker, Rhode Island 6-3, 208 (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: He needs to show off just enough to get drafted late as an interesting flier. A very, very good, big-guy target at the lower level, there could be something to get excited about after a little polish. A big 40 would be a game-changer.

35. John Hightower, Boise State 6-2, 172 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: A productive deep threat who can be used as a kick returner, he’s only a speed receiver at the next level. If it’s possible to show any toughness and strength, that would be a huge help.

34. Freddie Swain, Florida 6-0, 199 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: The NFL abilities are all there to get someone excited as a returner or a No. 3 target. He didn’t produce at a high level for the Gators, but he came up with seven touchdowns on his 38 catches and he’s got the next-level upside to find a job.

33. Malcolm Perry, Navy 5-9, 190 (RB) (7)
NFL Combine What Matters: He might get drafted just because someone will want to take a flier on the ultra-quick Navy guy, but he has to learn how to be a wide receiver. Give him a little while to figure it out, and there’s tremendous upside considering his open-field speed and quarterback mentality. Remember, Julian Edelman was a college quarterback, too.

32. Trishton Jackson, Syracuse 6-1, 191 (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: He’s going to fly. He might not be the best all-around receiver, and he’s not going to be anything but a one-trick deep threat at the next level, but if he goes 4.4 or better and looks smooth, he could earn a draft slot.

31. Quez Watkins, Southern Miss 6-2, 190 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: The productivity was there, and he was a difference-maker when he got his shot to rise up, but does he have the quickness and next-level speed, or is he just a guy? He needs to look smooth.

30. Lawrence Cager, Georgia 6-5, 220 (Free Agent) 
NFL Combine What Matters: How much upside is there? He’s really big, he looks the part, and he can move, but his time in Indy is about the medical evaluation after having surgery on his ankle.

29. Marquez Callaway, Tennessee 6-2, 204 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: 40, 40, 40. He’s never going to be anyone’s No. 1 receiver, and he’s never going to be an NFL volume catcher, but he can hit the home run. If he’s not REALLY fast, he’s a flier of a return guy and No. 4 outside target.

28. Quartney Davis, Texas A&M 6-1, 200 (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: He didn’t do enough with the Aggies to be a must-have draft pick as anything more than a flier, but he’s got decent size and he’s versatile enough to play just about anywhere.

27. James Proche, SMU 5-11, 193 (5)
NFL Combine What Matters: Try to blow off that he doesn’t necessarily have the NFL tools to be anything special. He’s a good football player who’ll catch everything, but can he stand out at all in the drills? He’ll be the guy in camp who becomes a brutally tough cut if he doesn’t standout on special teams.

26. Kalija Lipscomb, Vanderbilt 6-0, 201 (5) 
NFL Combine What Matters: His production dropped as the Vandy offense went into the tank, but he’s a sound, reliable receiver with excellent quickness. He has to show off the deep speed that wasn’t there at times in college, and he might not be physical enough for some teams.

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