2020 NFL Combine: Tight End Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For

2020 NFL Combine: Tight End Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For

2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Combine: Tight End Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For


Rankings and what to watch for out of all the tight end prospects invited to the 2020 NFL Combine.

2020 NFL Combine: Tight Ends

Date: Thursday, February 27: Tight Ends
Live Stream: fuboTV (click to watch for free)
Venue: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
Network: NFL Network

From the college perspective. here are rankings and quick looks at all of the tight ends invited to the 2020 NFL Combine.

Before getting into the top five breakdown, here’s a ranking of the best of the rest and what to look for.

2020 Pre-NFL Combine Tight End Best of the Rest Rankings

Number in parentheses is the projected round drafted before the NFL Combine.

20. Charlie Taumoepeau, Portland State 6-2, 245 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Just good enough as a blocker to earn a look, he doesn’t have the size to be a full-time tight end as a pass catcher. Something about him has to stand out to get past his lack of height and FCS background.

19. Dominick Wood-Anderson, Tennessee 6-4, 257 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: A tools guy, he looks like an NFL tight end, and he’s going to workout like an NFL tight end. Now he has to show something to make scouts think there’s something there to work with.

18. Charlie Woerner, Georgia 6-5, 245 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: There’s not a lot there as an NFL talent, but he could stick on a roster as a blocker and mid-range receiver. He was a four-year player with 34 career catches and one touchdown – what does he have to be a whole lot better at the next level?

17. Cheyenne (CJ) O’Grady, Arkansas 6-4, 256 (7)
NFL Combine What Matters: The interview process will mean everything. He has the NFL talent and receiving skills, but the problems at Arkansas – suspended before leaving the team – will be the question mark.

16. Stephen Sullivan, LSU 6-5, 242 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: With tweener skills and a great motor, he could make a team as a special teamer who fits in two tight end sets. However, he has to show off the NFL speed to get there.

15. Sean McKeon, Michigan 6-5, 238 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: He’ll be draftable if he looks the part of a possible receiver. He might not have the bulk, but he can hit. Can he look like a reliable NFL target?

14. Dalton Keene, Virginia Tech 6-4, 251 (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: Does he have a set spot? He can block, he can catch, and he can do it all, but he doesn’t do any one thing at an NFL level. Some team will love his blocking, but everyone will look to see what he can do in workouts as a receiver.

13. Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati 6-3, 245 (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: Yeah, he might be able to make a team as a blocker, but can he come up with anything for an NFL passing game? He has to look like more than a potential No. 2 tight end.

12. Mitchell Wilcox, USF 6-5, 245 (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: A nice mix of all-around talent – including as a blocker – to be a good mid-to-late flier, but he needs to come up with something that stands out from the pack. The times and numbers need to open eyes.

11. Jacob Breeland, Oregon 6-5, 250 (5)
NFL Combine What Matters: He has to look like there’s a set tight end position for him. He’s more like a big wide receiver, but without the athleticism. Don’t expect a whole lot as a blocker.

10. Thadeus Moss, LSU 6-3, 249 (3)
NFL Combine What Matters: Try to get away from the idea that he’s the son of Randy Moss – he’s not Randy Moss. He’ll make plays and he’ll be a part of an NFL passing game, but his money will be made early on as a blocker. The raw numbers and times will matter.

9. Hunter Bryant, Washington 6-2, 239 (4)
NFL Combine What Matters: Just how much will the scouts care about his lack of bulk? He’s built more like a running back, and there’s a big concern with past knee injuries, but he can really, really catch.

8. Adam Trautman, Dayton 6-5, 253 (4)
NFL Combine What Matters: This is what an NFL tight end looks like, at least as a mid-range receiver. Everything is in place to workout like a superstar, but the questions will be there about the tape against FCS talent. The 40 might be overrated, but it’ll matter here.

7. Colby Parkinson, Stanford 6-7, 251 (4)
NFL Combine What Matters: There’s too much size to ignore. He’s a deep threat who averaged close to 17 yards per catch with seven scores as a sophomore, and last year he was decent despite the quarterback issues. Can he be physical enough?

6. Devin Asiasi, UCLA 6-3, 260 (4)
NFL Combine What Matters: How quick can he be at 260? He’s a good, physical receiver who can stretch the field a bit. Can he look more natural as a pass catcher?

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