2020 NFL Combine: Outside Linebacker Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For

2020 NFL Combine: Outside Linebacker Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For

2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Combine: Outside Linebacker Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For


Rankings and what to watch for out of all the outside linebacker prospects invited to the 2020 NFL Combine.

2020 NFL Combine: Outside Linebacker

Date: Saturday, February 29: Linebacker
Live Stream: fuboTV (click to watch for free)
Venue: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
Network: NFL Network

From the college perspective. here are rankings and quick looks at all of the outside linebackers invited to the 2020 NFL Combine.

Before getting into the top five breakdown, here’s a ranking of the best of the rest and what to look for.

2020 Pre-NFL Combine Outside Linebacker Best of the Rest Rankings

Number in parentheses is the projected round drafted before the NFL Combine.

18. Azur Kamara, Kansas 6-4, 235 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: A good-sized prospect with a decent pass rushing burst, he a true tweener who needs to show off the explosiveness, needed to be more than a special teams flier.

17. Tipa Galeai, Utah State 6-5, 235 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: There’s edge rushing potential after a five-sack season, but he’s not quick enough to be an outside linebacker and not big enough to hang on a line. He’s got the frame, though, and the playmaking resumé to get a look.

16. Khaleke Hudson, Michigan 5-11, 220 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Way undersized, he’s a quick outside prospect who’ll have to make a roster on special teams. He’ll move and look like the pumped up defensive back that he is. He needs to look and workout like a possible pass rushing specialist.

15. Kamal Martin, Minnesota 6-3, 245 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: How smooth is he? He was hurt throughout the 2019 season with a knee problem, but he still made a whole lot of things happen when he was on the field. As is he wasn’t really all that smooth without the knee, but he can hit.

14. Michael Pinkney, Miami 6-1, 226 (ILB) (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: It stinks that he’s so undersized. He’s a fantastic baller of a linebacker who’ll hit, get nasty, and has the smarts of a veteran who played four years at a high level. He’s missing the tools, but someone will want to give him a shot if he can look quick at all in Indy.

13. Carter Coughlin, Minnesota 6-3, 234 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: The guy just made plays. He’s a true tweener without a position, he should run okay but he needs to rock in the shorter drills. He needs to be able to bulk up and still show a pass rushing burst.

12. Casey Toohill, Stanford 6-4, 247 (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: All that matters is his pass rushing ability. He’s not going to beat up anyone, but he looks the part and has the right frame, but he’s a tweener who’ll end up being a specialist if he sticks.

11. Justin Strnad, Wake Forest 6-3, 235 (ILB) (6)
NFL Combine What Matters: Hardly surprising for a Wake Forest player, he’s a very smart all-around player, but he has the speed and the flash, too. He doesn’t have an NFL linebacker frame, and everything has to be fine after suffering an arm injury this season, but he’s versatile enough to make an impact.

10. Darrell Taylor, Tennessee 6-4, 255 (4)
NFL Combine What Matters: What is he? He’s not really a defensive end, and he’s not quite refined enough to be sure-thing pass rushing edge guy on the outside, but there’s SO much to like. He looks out of central casting with a sky-high ceiling as a mid-round prospect.

9. Cameron Brown, Penn State 6-5, 233 (4)
NFL Combine What Matters: Can he rock the combine? He’s got great on-field athleticism – he plays fast – and there’s a whole world of upside once he bulks up to around 240ish. A great edge rushing prospect, he can turn into a top 100 pick if he can rip it up.

8. Akeem Davis-Gaither, Appalachian State 6-2, 215 (3)
NFL Combine What Matters: Just find a spot for him. He’s built like a big safety, he can move, and he’s a big-time producer. He’ll never be a bulky run stuffer, but he might be a tweener in a good way – just get him out there in some role and let him get to the ball. However, he had better time well for his size.

7. Troy Dye, Oregon 6-4, 224 (3)
NFL Combine What Matters: He’s undersized, he’s too thin for a big-time linebacker, and he’ll get steamrolled over by any NFL blocker, but he’s the type of player you want leading your D. He’s a guided-missile who’s always around the ball and in the backfield. In Indy, he has to give scouts who love him a reason to be a must-have.

6. Logan Wilson, Wyoming 6-2, 241 (ILB) (4)
NFL Combine What Matters: One of the best pure tacklers in the draft, now he has to find a real role. His versatility is a major plus, but is he a sideline-to-sideline guy on the inside, or a dangerous pass rusher who can hold his own against the run on the outside? No matter what, he might lead a team in tackles right away.

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