2020 NFL Combine: Defensive Tackle Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For

2020 NFL Combine: Defensive Tackle Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For

2020 NFL Draft

2020 NFL Combine: Defensive Tackle Prospects, Invites, What To Watch For


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Rankings and what to watch for out of all the defensive tackle prospects invited to the 2020 NFL Combine.

2020 NFL Combine: Defensive Tackles

Date: Saturday, February 29: Defensive Tackles
Live Stream: fuboTV (click to watch for free)
Venue: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
Network: NFL Network

From the college perspective. here are rankings and quick looks at all of the defensive tackles invited to the 2020 NFL Combine.

Before getting into the top five breakdown, here’s a ranking of the best of the rest and what to look for.

2020 Pre-NFL Combine Defensive Tackles: Best of the Rest Rankings

Number in parentheses is the projected round drafted before the NFL Combine.

24. John Penisini, Utah 6-2, 333 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: A big anchor type who could sit in the middle of the line and gum things up, does he have the athleticism or traits to be a late round flier?

23. Rob Windsor, Penn State 6-4, 285 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Will there be anything there to make him draftable? He’ll always bring the motor, but he had a mediocre 2019 and needs to prove he’s not a practice squad tough cut.

22. Malcolm Roach, Texas 6-3, 290 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Can he be a fit as a part of the rotation at several spots? He’s a true tweener who has to look like he belongs as draftable late pick.

21. Broderick Washington, Texas Tech 6-3, 305 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: What’s his NFL trait? He’s not really an interior pass rusher, and he’s not quite an anchor who can be a starter in the middle of a D.

20. McTelvin Agim, Arkansas 6-3, 300 (7)
NFL Combine What Matters: A bit undersized, he needs to be ultra-quick with the upside to work at end. He has to look like a tweener pass rusher.

19. Darrion Daniels, Nebraska 6-3, 325 (7)
NFL Combine What Matters: A decent-sized late round flier who has to fly through the medicals after being hurt for way too much of his college career.

18. Carlos Davis, Nebraska 6-2, 320 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: Is he draftable? He might be on the short side, but if could be an interesting flier with interior pass rushing upside.

17. Khalil Davis, Nebraska 6-2, 315 (Free Agent)
NFL Combine What Matters: A terrific interior pass rusher for the Huskers, the more power he can somehow show, the better.

16. Josiah Coatney, Ole Miss 6-4, 310 (6) 
NFL Combine What Matters: The weight matters. He’s played at around 320ish at times and needs to look like a versatile option for a variety of roles.

15. Larrell Murchison, NC State 6-2, 291 (5)
NFL Combine What Matters: Undersized, can he become more than a specialist? He’s tough for his size, and he’s simply a good football player, but does he have the raw tools to go along with the want-to?

14. Raequan Williams, Michigan State 6-4, 303 (5)
NFL Combine What Matters: A good tweener for the interior, can he look the part of a run stopper? He’s got the athleticism, but can he turn it on enough to move up into the top 100?

13. James Lynch, Baylor 6-4, 295 (4) 
NFL Combine What Matters: Opinions are going to be all over the place on him. An unstoppable backfield force for Baylor, will teams care about his lack of bulk, and will he be 4-3 scheme-specific?

12. Leki Fotu, Utah 6-4, 335 (3)
NFL Combine What Matters: Can he be more than a guy who gums up the works? He’s a true anchor, but does he have anything to get into the backfield at the next level?

11. Marlon Davidson, Auburn 6-3, 297 (3)
NFL Combine What Matters: Just how heavy will he play? He could slim down and be a 280ish pound pass rushing end, or a potential killer at tackle. He’ll needs to show he has a role.

10. Rashard Lawrence, LSU 6-2, 308 (3)
NFL Combine What Matters: It’s all about his movement. His ankle injury that was a slight issue throughout last year has to check out fine. There’s no questioning his leadership or fight, but considering his relatively smallish size, he has to be quick.

9. DaVon Hamilton, Ohio State 6-4 327 (3)
NFL Combine What Matters: How does he look? He’s got the size, he’s got the body type that can handle differences in weight, but is he an anchor, or can he really move well enough to be an interior force in the backfield?

8. Benito Jones, Ole Miss 6-1, 321 (4)
NFL Combine What Matters: Can teams get past his body size? Does anyone really care that he’s 6-1 and not 6-4? There’s some team out there who’ll be in love with him and secretly hopes he has a bad workout so he’ll drop.

7. Jordan Elliott, Missouri 6-4, 315 (2)
NFL Combine What Matters: Can he look like a first rounder? He’s got the size and the tools, but he has to generate a buzz. He’s a top 50 pick who can be one of the biggest winners in Indy.

6. Raekwon Davis, Alabama 6-7, 312 (2)
NFL Combine What Matters: It’s all there. He’s got all the talent in the world to be something special, but can he put it all together and be a killer to build around? Somehow, he has to show that he can be a whole lot more than his okay senior year.

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