USC Football Schedule 2020 Prediction, Breakdown, Analysis

USC Football Schedule 2020 Prediction, Breakdown, Analysis


USC Football Schedule 2020 Prediction, Breakdown, Analysis


USC football schedule 2020 prediction, breakdown, analysis, ranking every game, game times.

USC Football Schedule 2020

Sept. 5 Alabama (in Arlington)

Sept. 12 New Mexico

Sept. 19 at Stanford

Sept. 26 Arizona State

Oct. 2 at Utah

Oct. 10 Cal

Oct. 17 at Arizona


Oct. 31 Colorado

Nov. 7 at Oregon

Nov. 14 Washington

Nov. 21 at UCLA

Nov. 28 Notre Dame

Pac-12 North Teams Missed: Oregon State, Washington State

USC Football Schedule 2020 Prediction, Best Case Scenario

11-1: USC beats Alabama. You want to talk about a tone-setter for a season and the Clay Helton era? That’s it. Win that roll though the rest of September, and then it’s Game On through a tough rest of the slate.

With a win at Utah, the Trojans end up going 7-0 before getting a week off, and with a win at Colorado they’re 8-0 going into the brutal November. They’re not going to be good enough to rip through the last four games unscathed, but they lose one of the last four games – likely at Oregon – but get by UCLA and Notre Dame in LA.

USC Football Schedule 2020 Prediction, Worst Case Scenario

7-5: The Trojans get obliterated by Bama. That’s bad, and a loss at Stanford makes it worse in a 1-2 start. With a loss at Utah, the Helton Hot Seat Watch is turned up to flaming, but realistically, the team will be good enough to be 5-3 before November starts rolling.

They lose at Oregon, and only win one of the last three games. Worst of all, they lost up the road at UCLA.

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USC Football Schedule 2020 Ranking Hardest To Easiest

2020 preseason ranking of the USC football schedule from the hardest-looking games to the easiest.

1. Sept. 5 Alabama (in Arlington)

2. Nov. 7 at Oregon

3. Nov. 28 Notre Dame

4. Nov. 14 Washington

5. Oct. 2 at Utah

6. Sept. 19 at Stanford

7. Sept. 26 Arizona State

8. Nov. 21 at UCLA

9. Oct. 10 Cal

10. Oct. 17 at Arizona

11. Oct. 31 Colorado

12. Sept. 12 New Mexico

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