Tua Tagovailoa Turning Pro: Top 5 NFL Draft Projections

Tua Tagovailoa Turning Pro: Top 5 NFL Draft Projections

2020 NFL Draft

Tua Tagovailoa Turning Pro: Top 5 NFL Draft Projections


Tua Tagovailoa declaring himself eligible for the 2020 NFL Draft. What are the top 5 NFL draft projections for him?

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Tua Tagovailoa Turning Pro

Good for Tua.

He’s what you want in a college football player and a student-athlete, he deserves this.

He was absolutely no reason for him to come back to Alabama for one more year.

He’s going to graduation from Alabama – he did his part in the classroom.

He pulled a national championship out of the fire and came up with a few of the greatest passing seasons in the history of college football – he did his part on the field.

He might not be healthy, and there’s a massive question mark about whether or not he can hold up, but okay – he’s letting the system work in his favor.

If he’s going to rehab, get healthy, and get his body right, he might as well be a multi-millionaire while doing his job.

No talent evaluator worth his/her salt thinks he’s slipping out of the top 15 of the 2020 NFL Draft, much less the first round, and with his passing skills and abilities, he’s absolutely worth the risk.

He leaves Alabama after hitting 69% of his passes for 7,442 yards and 87 touchdowns with just 11 picks. Before getting hurt this season, he was in the midst of the most efficient passing season in the history of college football, he finishes with a passer rating of 199.4 – 200 is a supposedly unreachable mark – he ran for nine scores, and, this …

A deadly combination of accuracy and creativity, he’s a wonderful mix of Drew Brees and Brett Favre with the arm, the vision, and the toughness that NFL teams drool over, but …

Can he stay in one piece? Again, he might as well get paid a whole lot of money to find out.

There was a wrist problem after just a little bit of time as a freshman. There was an ankle injury late in his sophomore season, and there was the hip injury that knocked him out this year. If he’s 100% healthy, though, and you can guarantee at least 100 NFL starts, he’s the No. 1 player in this drat.

That’s a massive if, though. Someone would love to take that chance, and it’ll make the most sense for a team with an established veteran quarterback who can give it a full year to get Tagovailoa as healthy as he can get.

Here are the five teams that make the most sense to draft Tua Tagovailoa – assuming Cincinnati really does take Joe Burrow No. 1 overall, and before anyone tries to move up in the draft.

Miami Dolphins, 5th overall pick

Will he take his talents to South Beach? This is where Tagovailoa might have gone if he was healthy – if Cincinnati didn’t take him – and he makes sense as part of the franchise rebuild, and he would be a recruiting tool for free agents. Miami, a star young quarterback, playing time – he’s a great selling point.

Los Angeles Chargers, 6th overall pick

For a franchise that needs to show it exists in its city, he brings hope to the team with no fan base for its shiny new stadium. Keep Phil Rivers for two more years – taking a QB prospect at 6 might not sit well, though, considering the team needs other parts – or make a run at Tom Brady as a free agent, and hope to make the transition when Tagovailoa is ready.

Carolina Panthers, 7th overall pick

No, Kyle Allen isn’t the answer. No, Cam Newton doesn’t appear to be the long-term answer considering his own injury issues. Pair Tagovailoa with a decent young receiving corps and Christian McCaffrey, and this would be a blast.

Jacksonville Jaguars, 9th overall pick

The Gardner Minshew thing is cute and all, but … no. This is a franchise that desperately needs a direction and an identity. Having a superstar quarterback to rework things around would exactly it.

New England Patriots, 23rd overall pick

The Pats would have to move up to do this, but they have 12 draft picks. They create a package to move up, take Tagovailoa, give Tom Brady the farewell season he deserves, and then make the transition.


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