SEC Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know

SEC Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know


SEC Football Schedule 2020: 5 Things You Need To Know


4. Who misses the big boys from the other division?

It continues to be the biggest unfair advantage in college football.

With a 14-team league and an eight-game conference schedule, that means each team only has two games against teams from the other division. Natural rivalries are kept in place, and while they create great matchups, it stinks to be Tennessee with Alabama on the schedule every year.

The other yearly interdivisional rivalries …

LSU and Florida, Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Mississippi State, Arkansas and Missouri, and South Carolina and Texas A&M.

If you’re Arkansas, Missouri isn’t a walk in the park – no one is for the Hogs right now – but that’s a lot better than having to play Florida and Georgia from the East. Tennessee is the other interdivisional game.

That’s a plus for the Vols. Yeah, they have to face Alabama, but this year playing Arkansas helps ease the pain.

No one from the East has to play both LSU and Alabama, but Georgia gets to go to Tuscaloosa early on, to go along with the annual date against Auburn.

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South Carolina has to go to LSU, and that’s on top of the yearly game against Texas A&M – more on the Gamecock schedule in a moment.

Missouri can’t complain. It misses Alabama, Auburn and LSU – playing Arkansas and Mississippi State is nice and breezy by comparison.

In the West, no one plays both Florida and Georgia, but Arkansas, Mississippi State and Texas A&M miss both of the stars of the East.

Alabama has it the worst in the division with Georgia on the slate along with the trip to Tennessee. LSU has its date with Florida, but it also plays at home against South Carolina. Ole Miss gets the Gators, but that comes after going to Vanderbilt.

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