San Francisco vs. Kansas City Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

San Francisco vs. Kansas City Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

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San Francisco vs. Kansas City Fearless Prediction, Game Preview


Why Kansas City will win …

That whole Raheem Mostert thing probably isn’t going to work this time around with two weeks for the Kansas City defensive front to prepare.

The Chiefs might get ripped up a bit too often by decent running games, but the San Francisco backs weren’t even getting touched in the NFC Championship. Forget about yards after contact – there wasn’t any contact as Mostert was rolling through the second and third levels with no problems.

The Chiefs are going to force Jimmy Garoppolo to pull this off.

He doesn’t necessarily have to throw for 300 yards or bomb away, but he has to come up with a few downfield plays. In the regular season, San Francisco is 11-1 when he averaged seven yards or more per pass, and 9-0 when he averages eight yards or more.

When he averages fewer than six yards per pass? 0-2. In the regular season, KC allowed 6.7 yards per pass.

– Oh yeah, that Mahomes guy. Flawless this post-season he has thrown eight touchdown passes, no picks, and ran for a special score in the win over Tennessee. Here’s the part of the puzzle that keeps getting a bit lost …

He doesn’t have to throw for 350 yards for the Chiefs to win.

He threw for 174 in the win over the Chargers in Week 17. He threw for 175 in the early December win over Oakland. It’s possible the 49er secondary is able to keep him in relative check, and yet he’ll be just effective enough when he has to be – even if it’s in a short burst – to take the lead and force the 49ers to press.

No matter what happens, at no time will San Francisco be able to think that the lead is safe.

Okay, so time of possession means absolutely nothing to Kansas City – it mocked and ridiculed deficits all post-season – but there’s a bit more ball control with this offense than you might think. On the other side, San Francisco might play it too safe at times, but it can do that with a defense that was second in the NFL in third down stops. However, for as much running as this team does, and as effective as it was gashing through the Green Bay defense, the O just doesn’t keep the ball for that long.

Again, time of possession is a bit overrated when it comes to dealing with KC, but the 49ers are only keeping the ball for 26:23 per game this postseason – by far the worst among the playoff teams – and they weren’t that great in the regular season.

Duh … you just can’t let Mahomes have the ball for more than half the game.

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