San Francisco vs. Kansas City Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

San Francisco vs. Kansas City Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

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San Francisco vs. Kansas City Fearless Prediction, Game Preview


Why San Francisco will win …

Defense. Let’s not get too cute here. It’s not as simple as the boorish “defense wins championships” cliché, but in the Super Bowl, in general …

Yeah, defense wins championships, especially with two weeks to prepare.

Both the Patriots and the Rams were about even defensively last year – they were both just okay – and they both offenses couldn’t do much of anything in LII.

Okay, so the whole defense thing didn’t matter much in New England’s win over Atlanta in LI, and it went completely bye-bye the year before in Philadelphia’s win in Minneapolis. But Von Miller and the No. 1 Denver D spent most of XXX – or 50, so no one gets the wrong idea – jumping on Cam Newton’s head.

Seattle and its No. 1 defense would’ve won XLIX over New England had it not been for the worst play call in sports history – really, come up with anything worse than not giving Marshawn Lynch the ball – a year after destroying a historically great Denver offense in XLVIII.

The Giants defenses were just okay in 207 and 2011, but they sure as shoot rose up when they had to against the Patriots.

San Francisco had the No. 2 defense behind New England this year and the No. 1 pass D. It has had two weeks to figure this thing out.

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This isn’t a hard formula – and again, this works time and time again in Super Bowls. Great defense, great running game – it’s boring, but it’s effective. The No. 2 ground attack in the NFL was able to impose its will in the post-season. Kansas City might be all tough with the way it beat Tennessee and blew off the whole Derrick Henry thing with its amazing offense, this is a whole different animal.

The Chiefs can be run on. Even with teams having to abandoned the ground attack once Mahomes and company got rolling, it was still too easy at times to pound away. The seven teams worse than KC against the run didn’t make the playoffs.

Okay, so time of possession means absolutely nothing to Kansas City – it mocked and ridiculed deficits all post-season – but there’s a bit more ball control with this offense than you might think. On the other side, San Francisco might play it too safe at times, but it can do that with a defense that was second in the NFL in third down stops.

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